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Blanket permission: Please feel free to remix, podfic, or really do anything you like with anything I've written. I'd love it if you'd drop me a link when you're done, though.

Doctor Who

All These Things That We've Done
Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier; G; 1949 words.
In which Liz and the Brigadier travel as companions to the Third Doctor.

This Torch I've Been Carrying
Sarah Jane Smith, Jack Harkness, Harry Sullivan, Fourth Doctor; G; 1292 words.
The first time Jack met Sarah wasn't the first time Sarah met Jack.

looking at the universe from the bottom of a hill
Fourth Doctor, Leela; G; 1524 words.
A guided tour of all the best bits of the TARDIS.

and then there was a squid
Tegan/Nyssa, Fifth Doctor; G; 1368 words.
The Doctor had not intended to bring them to the planet of the menacing squid aliens.

Like You I'm Indestructible
Tegan/Nyssa, Eighth Doctor, Romana; PG; 1035 words.
The one where Tegan stays on Terminus with Nyssa.

Time to Get Away
Donna Noble/Tegan Jovanka, Turlough, Fifth Doctor, Tenth Doctor; PG-13; 2353 words.
In which there are flesh eating plants, drunken one night stands and more mad time travellers calling themselves "the Doctor" than Donna's entirely comfortable with.

It's Getting Boring by the Sea
Peri Brown, the Rani; G; 400 words.
“You tried to feed me to a mutant Venus Flytrap!”

My Country is the Whole World (or four women Ace never kissed)
Ace/Mel, Ace/Martha, Ace/Rose, Ace/Romana; PG; 1534 words.
The truth is, I often like women.

Pirates and Revolutionaries
Ace, Mel; G; 255 words.
“I'm sure there are a few planets that need liberated with piracy.”

The Soldiering Way
Ninth Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart; G; 1479 words.
The Doctor, the Brigadier and some truly dreadful tea.

This Sporting Life
Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith; PG; 4553 words.
Sarah Jane thought that she had quite enough troubles already, what with the bright purple man-eating aliens living in the Thames. Then the Doctor turned up with a new face, an inexplicably northern accent and a sex crazed Jack Harkness in tow.

The Idiot's Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions
Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble; PG; 20,000 words.
Jackie and Mickey save the day by bickering, drinking lots of tea and spending a lot of time in the pub in the middle of the day.

Five Times the Sonic Screwdriver Proved Worse than Useless
Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, the Master, Daleks; G; 513 words.
"Never touch my sonic screwdriver."

An Introduction to Space Travel
Rose Tyler/Martha Jones, Romana, Jack Harkness; G; 5028 words.
Rose and Martha travel the universe with the last of the Time Lords: Romana.

The Boy Who Killed Time
Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones; PG; 1347 words.
There are ghosts in the TARDIS.

Impractical Footwear
Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones; G; 165 words.
"You try running in three inch heels."

Marry, Cliff or Shag
Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Donna Noble; G; 100 words.
"The one with the spiky hair's going right off the cliff."

Wild Goose Chase
Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Liz Shaw; G; 1864 words.
The one where Martha leaves the Doctor for Liz Shaw.

The Almost Last of the Time Lords Benevolent Society
Martha Jones/Romana; G; 1160 words.
"Sometimes I think that the universe never used to be this silly. Then I remember that, no, it was exactly this silly."

The Universe Made Us Do It
Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble; PG, 370 words.
“Get your trousers off.”

Five Times Jenny Met One Of The Doctor's Companions
Jenny, Melanie Bush, Sarah Jane Smith, Romana, Tegan Jovanka, Mickey Smith; G; 1164 words.
Jenny saves some civilisations, does a lot of running and meets some of the Doctor's old friends.

A Liar or a Lunatic
Handy, Martha Jones; G; 479 words.
"I used to have two hearts, you know."

Confusion All Around
Handy, Rose Tyler, the Master; G; 1018 words.
The Master takes over the alt!world and the Doctor considers changing his name to Hamish McTimelord.

The Further Adventures of Handy the Wonder Clone
Handy/Rose Tyler; G; 1039 words.
The exciting and correctly spelled blog of Handy the wonder clone.

and you've got their shoes
Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Martha Jones; PG; 2850 words.
The Doctor and Donna have an accident with a bodyswap machine, and the Doctor refuses to carry a handbag.

A Plan with One Obvious Flaw
Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble; PG; 917 words.
A female Time Lord, the one thing that had been missing from his cunning plan to repopulate Gallifrey.

This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix)
Donna Noble, Christina de Souza; G; 4072 words.
Donna works for an art thief with a name like a brand of tequila, but Christina has a flying bus and tolerates her occasional Mad Scientist moments, so it's not all bad.

The Time Lord Rate of Divorce
Donna Noble/Lucy Saxon; PG-13; 614 words.
"Do I want to see your spaceship? I think I’ve heard this chatup line before."

Six Impossible Things
Donna Noble/Romana; G; 1254 words.
"My favourite impossible thing."

A Change is as Good as a Rest
Donna Noble/Rose Tyler; PG-13; 3075 words.
Now Rose had a half Time Lord - half human lounging on her sofa watching the X-Factor, and the heart of a TARDIS growing in an empty jam jar in her kitchen.

Memory Loss Support Group
Donna Noble/Ace; G; 509 words.
“Now to find the Professor and get him to sort your memory.”

Five Time Lords Donna Noble Slapped
Donna Noble, the Master, the Rani, Iris Wildthyme, Romana, Tenth Doctor; G; 373 words.
"The other Time Lords have been stalking me for months."

The Ten Weddings of Donna Noble
Donna Noble, the Doctor; G; 1919 words.
Donna has to marry the Doctor. All of them.

Long Way for a Shortcut
Handy, Donna Noble; G; 1917 words.
"I’m a human being with the brain of a Time Lord and he’s a Time Lord trapped in a human body. Which isn’t nearly as kinky as it sounds."

Spitting Images
Donna Noble; G; 1787 words.
Donna Noble for Eleven?

The Kleptomaniac Time Traveller's Club
Christina de Souza, Romana; G; 1385 words.
If asked, Christina would say she rescued Romana from Torchwood. Actually, that's a lie. She'd say she stole Romana from Torchwood.

Our Backwards Walk
River Song/Liz X, Tenth Doctor; PG; 916 words.
River and Liz X are all out of order and there's no such person as the Queen of Scotland.

The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords)
Eleventh Doctor, Amelia Pond, Sarah Jane Smith, River Song; G; 1141 words.
The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.

This is (Probably) Perfectly Normal
girl!Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams; PG; 2017 words.
The Doctor regenerates as a woman, River ruins some of the local geography, and Rory may or may not be wearing Amy's underwear.

Failing to Communicate
Melody Pond, the TARDIS, Amy Pond, Rory Williams; PG; 2250 words.
The Doctor is dead, long live River Song.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Eleventh Doctor, Oswin Oswald; G; 1014 words.
Another important lesson Oswin learns is that creeping up on the Doctor while he sleeps and shouting, "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" in his ear is only funny to her.


Ten Things To Do At Torchwood When You're Dead
Toshiko Sato, Ianto Jones; PG; 975 words.
"Do you ever get the feeling that we're the best two?"

Recruitment Consultancy
Gwen/Rhys, Ianto; PG; 1290 words.
There's a giant alien pigeon tormenting people outside a pub, the sat-nav has gained sentience and thinks it's Belgian, and Gwen makes an executive decision regarding Torchwood's staffing crisis.

Pterodactyl Duty
Rhys Williams, Myfanwy; G; 255 words.
“My name's not Myfanwy, you know.”

There's No Place Like Home
Gwen/Rhys, Lois, Johnson; G; 1276 words.
In which Gwen, Lois and Johnson run a slightly shambling Torchwood out of Gwen's spare room. And Rhys makes everyone cheese on toast.

Torchwood/Doctor Who

Gone for a cup of tea (back in six months)
Tenth Doctor, Mickey Smith, Rhys Williams; G; 4058 words.
The highly unlikely but excellent adventures of Ten, Mickey and Rhys.

Freak Lawnmower Accident
Tenth Doctor, Team Torchwood; PG-13; 314 words.
A heartwarming tale in which the entire cast of Torchwood dies horribly.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sacred Art of Stealing
Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Clyde Langer, Maria Jackson; G; 458 words.
A very serious and in no way silly story in which the Doctor attempts to pinch Sarah Jane's companions.

The Benefits of Higher Education
Clyde Langer, Luke Smith; PG; 2583 words.
During Clyde and Luke's first year at university Luke goes to all the lectures and Clyde reckons that carrying his textbooks around is the next best thing to actually reading them.

Put Down Your Pencils And Get Ready For The Practical Exam
Tenth Doctor, Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra; G; 1281 words.
"That was the dinosaurs. Anybody fancy a trip to see some saber-toothed tigers?"

The Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who

A Whole Child Ago
Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith; G; 1957 words.
"Doctor, you were not grown in a vat by aliens."

Eleventh Doctor, Romana, Maria Jackson, Rani Chandra; G; 442 words.
“Can I have your phone number, Romana?”


A Cautionary Tale About Tomatoes (and zombies)
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G; 3881 words.
Armed with two swords, a slightly dented helmet and a wooden spoon, our heroes fight zombies.

Happy-ish Housemates
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G; Modern AU; 1153 words.
"I forbid you to shag Merlin."

The One Where Gwen and Morgana (and Merlin) Save Arthur From Being Eaten By Bears
Morgana, Gwen, Arthur, Merlin; G; 1022 words.
Kindly allow me to distract you with this baby rabbit.

They Say Travel Broadens The Mind
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Lancelot, Morgana; Modern AU; 1282 words.
InterRailing adventures around Europe.

Somewhat off the Way
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; PG; 1023 words.
Our heroes have an accident with a bodyswapping spell. But it's okay, Merlin knows what he did wrong this time.

Four Times Arthur was Kicked in the Shin (once he was bitten)
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; PG; 1008 words.
“Mmmmpppphhhlllffffffff,” said Arthur, which is Sleepy Person for “Bugger off.”

Five Times Arthur Pendragon Did Something Unexpected
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G; 602 words.
To Morgana's annoyance Arthur picked up the cross stitch much quicker than she did.

Worst. Rescue. Ever.
Arthur, Morgana; G; 397 words.
It was more of a kidnapping than a rescue.

Destiny (an interlude)
Merlin, Morgause, Morgana; G; 693 words.
"I happen to be very fond of armour."

Magical Snakes on a Plane
Morgana, Nimueh, Merlin; G; 329 words.
Sometimes immortality means fighting snakes on a plane.

In Which Arthur And Merlin Have An Adventure And Meet A Very Bouncy Dragon
Arthur, Merlin, Uther, Morgana, Gaius, Gwen, Kilgharrah; G; 890 words.
Merlin, in the style of Winnie the Pooh.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Merlin, Morgana, Morgause; G; 215 words.
If Merlin's Magic were an animal, it'd be a dog.

Pastimes & Lifestyles
Gwen/Morgana, Arthur, the Great Dragon; PG; 17,758 words.
When Merlin never comes to Camelot the Great Dragon recruits Morgana to act as Arthur's protector. Now Morgana's got a magic sword, dreams that come true and a girlfriend who, if you believe the Dragon, is destined to marry her foster brother.

Flatmate Wanted
Gwen/Morgana; PG; Modern AU; 1044 words.
In which Morgana might be a surprisingly scatterbrained evil genius and Gwen just wants a normal flatmate.

First Up Against the Wall (the grease and diesel oil remix)
Gwen/Morgana, Merlin/Freya, Will; R; Modern AU; 4453 words.
Morgana drives like a maniac, has more money than sense and a weird obsession with semi-public sex, and Gwen thinks she's falling in love with her anyway.

Final Frontier
Gwen/Morgana; G; 416 words.
It was Gwen's job to follow Morgana's orders. Even the ones mumbled into her cleavage when Morgana was mostly unconscious.

Gwen/Morgana, Arthur, Merlin; G; 477 words.
"Merlin, who is of course an idiot, thinks that you and Guinevere are involved."

The Nobles Guide to Self Sufficiency
Gwen/Morgana; G; 514 words.
The one where Morgana tries to teach herself to cook. Gwen, and the entire Camelot kitchen staff, would prefer that she didn't.

Personal Shopper
Gwen/Morgana; PG; 976 words.
Gwen tried to look like she always hung around Morgana's chambers in the middle of the day wearing nothing but a flimsy nightdress.

In My Place (the synchronised unicorns remix)
Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Nimueh, Morgause; PG-13; 1265 words.
Ah, thinks Gwen, this is a silly dream. She relaxes and waits for the dancing unicorns to make their appearance.

Be Wary Of Powerful Magic And Strong Drink
Morgana/Vivian; PG-13; 2350 words.
The AU of "Sweet Dreams" where the love spell makes Vivian fall for Morgana.

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle
Morgana/Vivian, Arthur, Uther, Gwen, Morgause; PG-13; 8900 words.
In which Morgana is the gayest person in Camelot, Uther wants a wedding, Arthur tries to be helpful, Gwen's wasted on men and Vivian getting hit by that love spell ruins everything.

Struggling to Find The Truth in Your Lies
Morgana/Morgause; PG-13; 1233 words.
This Morgana knows: Merlin would have seen her dead, and that Morgause saved her life. In the face of all the things she doesn't know she clings to this all the tighter.

Like a Hole in the Head
Morgana/Morgause, Gwen/Lancelot, Arthur, Merlin; PG; Modern AU; 2000 words.
In which Morgana likes her flatmates (except Arthur), Morgause wants to kill Uther with stationery, and they're the only ones who haven't noticed that they're having some kind of long distance relationship.

Protect Me From What I Want
Morgana/Morgause, Arthur/Gwen, Uther; R; Modern AU; 3810 words.
Morgana really wished that someone had told her she and Morgause were related before they started sleeping together.

Our History in Cat Years
Morgana/Morgause, Aithusa; PG; 952 words.
Okay, so the talking cat. That probably deserves an explanation.

Your Lipstick is Smudged, You know
Gwen/Morgause; PG-13; Modern AU; 566 words.
Normally, having sex with a member of the administrative staff in the copy room would have been beneath Morgause.

five kisses that were very nearly good enough
Morgana/Arthur, Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Vivian, Morgana/Alvarr, Morgana/Morgause; PG; 302 words.
"Nice trick with your tongue, there."

Motivational Nutrition (the five portions a day remix)
Arthur/Merlin, Gaius, Uther, Gwen, Morgana; PG, 1373 words.
Gaius is on a public health kick, Morgana has some funny ideas about fruit and temptation, and Merlin can't let Arthur eat an evil peach.

Hormones, Alcohol and Other Non-Magical Complications
Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Morgana; PG; 1644 words.
In which Merlin wakes up in love with Arthur, an evil knight wants to marry Morgana, and for such a modern kingdom there isn't as much despoiling in Camelot as one would expect.

Dead and Loving It
Merlin, Morgana; PG; 945 words.
A very silly story in which Merlin and Morgana are vampires.

Were You Looking For A Lost Magical Kingdom In That Wardrobe
Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen; PG; 4000 words.
Merlin gives Morgana secret magic lessons, Arthur isn't exactly Casanova, Gwen has a secret plan and nobody gets ravished in a wardrobe.

Five Spells Morgana can do Better than Merlin
Merlin, Morgana; G; 523 words.
“The cheese is going to eat me!”

A Wolf in a Really Nice Dress
Merlin, Morgana; PG; 926 words.
The one where Morgana is a werewolf and everyone thinks Merlin is a crossdresser.

Five Times Morgana's Magic Went a Bit Wrong
Morgana, Gwen, Arthur; PG; 1077 words.
"I hope you get eaten by a bear."

Brothers and Sisters
Arthur, Morgana; G; 1512 words.
When Arthur and Morgana were small they tried to shove each other out of trees, twenty years later and they're scuffling drunkenly over whose turn it is to wear the crown.

The Girl in the Red Dress
Morgana, Nimueh; PG; 691 words.
There's a girl in a red dress, and nobody but Morgana can see her.

You Held the World
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G; 1046 words.
"Merlin, I order you to throw food at Morgana."

Huddling For Warmth
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G, 436 words.
"If they find us like this I will haunt all of you throughout the afterlife.”

You Just Can't Get the Staff
Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Uther; G; 596 words.
Arthur and Morgana swap servants. Uther is confused.

The Trouble with Witches (at least the evil get to go home early on Fridays)
Morgana, Aithusa; PG; 2288 words.
In which Morgana is adopted by a baby dragon and has very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Despoiled (the hunting for witches remix)
Arthur/Morgana; R; 2322 words.
The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

To Whom You Gave Life
Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark; PG; 1445 words.
Catelyn loves Robb more than her own life, but Cersei Lannister has her daughters.

Her Heart Beat Like a Wolf
Sansa Stark & siblings; PG; 3200 words.
There must always be a Stark in Winterfell (or: Sansa goes home)

The Wolves of Winterfell
Sansa Stark, Arya Stark; PG; 2100 words.
In her dreams Sansa Stark wanders the ruins of Winterfell, wearing a crown and paced by a pack of wolves.

War is Easier Than Daughters
girl!Jon Snow, Ned Snow; PG; 2234 words.
Lyanna Stark departed this life leaving her brother with only secrets, regrets, and her newly born daughter.

Every Rose Has a Thorn (and even tame wolves bite)
Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell; PG-13; 2315 words.
In the dark, under the bedclothes, Margaery calls Sansa her Queen in the North, her Red Wolf.

The Women Kings
Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell; PG; 2329 words.
History will not remember them kindly, the four queens of Westeros. Daenerys Targaryen will be remembered for her dragons, Cersei Lannister for her descent into madness, Sansa Stark will forever be remembered as the queen who knelt. As for Margaery Tyrell, she will be forgotten entirely.

The Truth Will Not Set You Free
Sansa Stark/Shae, Sansa Stark/Tyrion Lannister, Tyrion Lannister/Shae; PG-13; 2150 words.
Summary: It was not a future Sansa could ever have foreseen for herself: spymaster of the dragon queen's court. Of course she would also not have seen herself wed to Tyrion Lannister, or bedded by a woman who'd been a harlot in the guise of a handmaiden when they'd first met.

The Taste of Grief
Catelyn Stark/Brienne of Tarth; PG; 1000 words.
Catelyn weeps herself to sleep at night, and Brienne has no sweet words or gentle touches to offer her. The only thing Brienne has to give is her strong sword arm, and that is already Catelyn's.

Hot Blooded and Wolf Wild
Catelyn Tully/Lyanna Stark, Catelyn Tully/Brandon Stark, Catelyn Tully/Ned Stark; PG; 1395 words.
Cat told herself that it wasn't improper. They would be family when she wed Brandon, and kissing games between ladies were not unheard of.

Those Who Favour Fire
Sansa/Cersei, Sansa/Daenerys; PG-13; 1476 words.
The wolf lay down amongst the lions, and dreamed of the dragon.

The Wolf Queen and The Scarred Knight
Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth; R; 934 words.
Like this, Brienne looks like the perfect portrait of a knight kneeling in supplication before her lady.

They Will Crown You, They Will Take Your Legs
Daenerys Targaryen/Doreah; PG; 2050 words.
When the vault door opened Doreah fell to her knees. Thank the Gods, she thought.

Burn Your Wings On The Sun
Daenerys Targaryen, Samwell Tarly, Melisandre of Asshai; PG; 3130 words.
"And what should I do at the Wall, Sam, style myself as the Night's Queen? Or Lady Commander of the Night's Watch?"

Every After (the bit player remix)
Sansa Stark, others; PG; 1171
If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.

The Reluctant Queen
Myrcella Baratheon; PG; 2823 words.
Myrcella knows what is said of her rule behind her back, that she presides over a court of bastards and women. Who better to rule a realm of bastards and women?

They Took Some Honey, And Plenty of Money
Brienne of Tarth, Asha Greyjoy, Arya Stark; PG; 1764 words.
A knight, a pirate, and stray wolf cub, lost at sea.

Our Marvellous Inheritance
Cersei Lannister, Catelyn Stark, Asha Greyjoy, Myrcella Baratheon, Sansa Stark; PG; 1902 words.
Five times there was no male primogeniture in Westeros.

Dark Wings, Dark Words
Maege Mormont, Galbart Glover, Howland Reed, Sansa Stark; PG; 2175 words.
The king is dead, but a cousin cannot inherit before a brother, or before a sister.

Alas, I Cannot Swim
Jon Snow, Val; PG; 1191 words.
Val didn't save Jon Snow - that was his direwolf and the red woman - but she did steal him.

A Lion Among Ladies
Cersei Lannister; PG; 1242 words.
A Baratheon woman was a doe, a Lannister woman was a lioness.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth; PG; 845 words.
Brienne nearly starts a brawl at Sansa Stark's wedding when she elbows Littlefinger in the face and bloodies his nose.

Legend of the Seeker

Walk Softly and Carry a Magic Sword
Cara/Kahlan; PG-13; 5366 words.
In which Zedd is kidnapped by Denna, Richard goes off to Wizard School and Cara names Kahlan Seeker. Adventure, snark, feelings and a trip up a bloody big mountain ensue.

Still The Prettiest
Cara/Kahlan, Zedd; G; 585 words.
Kahlan is the prettiest one on the quest, obviously.

The Zombie Dilemma
Cara, Nicci; PG; 1176 words.
Cara runs a gauntlet of emotions, also a gauntlet of zombies.

And Another Thing
Cara Mason, Kahlan Amnell; PG; 1582 words.
In which Cara and Kahlan accidentally get married, Dahlia is a corsair not a pirate, and the less said about the bodyswap spell the better.


Carrying A Concealed Weapon (and other crimes to commit while being Adora Belle Dearheart)
Adora Belle Dearheart, Lady Sybil; G; 2209 words.
Adora Belle is arrested, Lady Sybil is there to help, at least she's there to make the tea.

Not Exactly Human
Susan/Angua; PG; 1903 words.
Death (temporary holiday cover) and a werewolf (human shaped) walk into a bar and proceed to get quite merrily drunk.

Being Human

The Vampire Lestat Lied to Me (so did Edward Cullen)
Annie Sawyer, Nancy Reid, Nina Pickering, George Sands; PG-13; 4255 words.
In which the vampires successfully recruit Detective Nancy, Annie helps her stay off blood with the cunning use of tea, and being a vampire is nothing like it is in the films.

Of Wolves and Tea
Annie/Nina; PG-13; 3560 words.
When Nina leaves the house to deal with being a werewolf, Annie decides to go with her to keep an eye on her. Gainful employment, a suspected case of rabies and what might turn out to be a double date ensue.

Warehouse 13

She's Hearing Voices
Myka Bering/HG Wells; PG; 1128 words.
Myka was being courted by HG Wells; which might have been quite nice except that Helena was dead, and invisible, and quite possibly a figment of Myka's imagination.

Pack Me Up, I'm Sold
Myka Bering/HG Wells; G; 1091 words.
The sign over the shop read Bering & Wells: Purveyors of Rare Books and Unusual Antiques.

The West Wing

The Great Zombie Invasion of 2001
Donna Moss, Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn, CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Leo McGarry, Jed Bartlet; G; 1071 words.

The Queen's Thief

It's The Fall That's Gonna Kill You
Eugenides, Sophos; G, 1230 words.
Sophos would make a poor Queen's Thief but a good future King.

Once Upon a Time

The Sides and all the Corners
Ruby/Belle; PG; 2676 words.
Belle hasn't read her own story, not any version of it, but she asked Henry and apparently it's called Beauty and the Beast. It occurs to her that in this world, even more so than their own, there are all manner of different beasts.

Five Dates Ruby and Belle Went On Without Realising They Were Dating (although, really, it was kind of obvious)
Ruby/Belle; G; 800 words
Not that Belle found Ruby endearing, not that Ruby wasn't endearing. And not that, now things were finally straightened out with Rumpelstiltskin, Belle wasn't free to be endeared by anyone she pleased, but--

Doctor Who/Merlin

Indistinguishable From Magic
Morgana, Morgause, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin; G; Fusion; 5423 words.
Morgana is a Time Lord in a fob watch. No, really, she is.

The Future is Full of Possibilities (and chocolate biscuits)
Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Morgana; PG; 2420 words.
That time the Doctor and Donna accidentally kidnapped Morgana.

Afternoon Tea
Amy Pond/Morgana, Eleventh Doctor; PG-13; 600 words.
Amy and Morgana spend some time in the TARDIS for tea and sex.

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen
Jenny/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, Lancelot; G; 709 words.
The one where Lady Vivian is really the Doctor's daughter.

The Blue Box Game
Tenth Doctor, Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana; G; 805 words.
“The Oncoming Storm is here,” said the dragon. Cryptically, of course.

Donna Noble, King of Camelot
Donna Noble, Tenth Doctor, Arthur, Merlin, Uther, Gwen, Morgana; G; 1539 words.
Donna Noble takes over Camelot using her feminine charm, some sleeping pills and a giant magnet.

Clarke's Law
Gwen/Morgana, Tenth Doctor; G; 971 words.
The Doctor wasn't going to kidnap Guinevere and Morgana Le Fay from the planet of the poorly re-enacted Arthurian myths to be his travelling companions. At least, he wasn't going to kidnap them for very long.

Merlin/Game of Thrones

A Bastard Does Not Have a Constant Heart
Gwen/Morgana; R; Fusion; 2079 words.
In which Morgana is King Robert's bastard, and entirely too much like her father for her own good, especially when it comes to wine and women.

Merlin/Legend of the Seeker

Strange Bedfellows
Morgana, Gwen; PG; Fusion; 1510 words.
In which Morgana is the Mother Confessor, Gwen is a Mord'Sith and together they take over Camelot, as you do.

The Unwritten Rules of Questing
Morgause/Cara Kahlan, Richard, Zedd; G; 650 words.
In which Morgause and Cara start annexing kingdoms, as is only right and proper.

Legend of the Seeker/Doctor Who

One, Two, Three For The Road
Donna Noble, Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell, Zedd; PG; 871 words.
The DoctorDonna meets the Seeker of Truth, and then gets him drunk.

Doctor Who/Being Human

The Wrong Door
Eleventh Doctor, Annie Sawyer; G; 1163 words.
Annie walks through the wrong door and ends up on the TARDIS. Which is really just as well, as somebody has to stop the Doctor from petting random werewolves.


A Right Royal Scandal
Morgana/Morgause, Morgause/Irene Adler; R; 705 words.
Irene Adler doesn't blackmail people, it's bad for business. Morgause, on the other hand, can blackmail anyone she sees fit.

Merlin/Once Upon a Time

Through the Looking Glass, Darkly
Morgana, Regina Mills; PG; 2220 words.
They're sitting together drinking wine the colour of blood, and Morgana thinks that what she'll miss most about the Enchanted Forest - even more than Regina's hit-and-miss companionship - is its comparative lack of subtlety.

Doctor Who/Legend of the Seeker/Merlin/Warehouse 13

The Biennial Interdimensional All-Girl Swordfighting Tournament
Amy Pond, River Song, Cara Mason, Kahlan Amnell, Morgana, Morgause, Myka Bering, H.G. Wells; G; 1330 words.
Eight grown, reasonably competent, variously armed women looked at the squid. The squid looked back.

Date: 2017-04-18 03:58 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] olivia_beige
Hi, I subscribed to you, I hope it's not alarming or abrupt. I was replying to a post by endeni and saw your comment there and I knew your username was familiar! Thank you so much for sharing the all-women Night's Watch fic w us!!! I love it so much. :D
Edited Date: 2017-04-18 03:58 pm (UTC)


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