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The [community profile] femmeremix author reveals were last night, hurrah, and the remix of my fic is:

Her Father's Daughter (Visited on the Son Remix) by [archiveofourown.org profile] originally

and it's awesome to me on three levels.

1. It's a remix of Abu el Banat, which is my Oberyn character study, and, I think, one of my best fics in asoiaf fandom. And you know how sometimes you get remixes that are perfectly lovely but it's a fandom you're no longer in, or of a fic you don't necessarily want to call attention to. So it was lovely that this was the fic my remixer chose.

2. It's a really good remix, with a lot of reflections and refractions of my fic, which were delightful to me as the original author.

3. It's also a brilliant stand alone fic. Instead of Oberyn, the focus is on Sarella Sand, and if you don't think you need a character study about a woman crossdressing to become a philosopher priest in your life then I just don't know what to say to you.

Basically, it's awesome and you should all read it.

I was assigned [archiveofourown.org profile] pendrecarc to remix, and this was very exciting to me because they are the author of Code Indigo which is one of my very favourite Person of Interest fics ever, an AU where it was Shaw who Finch met first, and I wasted ages failing to remix that. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that the reason I wasn't getting anywhere was that I love that fic so much that I didn't want to change anything about it. So I changed tack and remixed Electric, a circa S2 character study about Root's childhood and the origins of the taser as her weapon of choice.

Like, I don't know how other people approach a remix, but my approach is to try and work out what I think the fic is about at its most basic level and then try to figure out how I would write a fic from those basic building blocks. This, by the way, was why I couldn't remix Code Indigo because if I was going to write an AU where Finch had met Shaw first I would have tried to write Code Indigo. To me, I though that at it's most basic level Electric was a fic about Root's relationship with the physical world, and post season 5 the most bittersweet thing about that is that Root no longer has a relationship to the physical world. There was a careful what you wish for thing that appealed to me.

What I ended up writing was a four things fic that spanned Root's childhood to the end of the show, and because I took the female character remix thing a bit literally I tried to hit all the important female relationships in Root's life (Hanna, her mom, Shaw, the Machine.)

Sing The Body (Electric Remix) (Person of Interest)
"What the hell kind of leet speak name is Root?"
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- The latest victim my puppy's need to chew everything she can get her little jaws around is the muzzle purchased specifically to stop her from destroying shit. She is the bestest puppy in the world in all other ways; repeat slowly ten times and take a shot.

- I fell headfirst into an 80k Amazing Spider-Man fic where Gwen Stacey is Spider Man (it's Maggie Fitzgerald and the Saltwater Drip, and it's practically perfect in every way.) And now I wish that there was an AO3 tag for a secondary female character gets the main dude's abilities or arc, only not just with the names find and replaced, because I want to read all of them. Actually, the fic I want most of all is the one where Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum, either as a take on Cap or the Winter Soldier, I could go either way.

- My fic for this round of got_exchange was a play on the fact that a key step on the road to the Iron Throne seems to be marrying Margaery Tyrell. It took me an embarrassingly long time to wrangle, especially considering that it's only really one scene. I don't know whether to put that, and my lack of excitement about either S5 or the Sansa teaser chapter, down to my weasel induced off feeling of the last wee while, or as a sign that I'm coming to the end of my fannishness about ASOIAF. Anyway...

The Proposition
Game of Thrones; Margaery Tyrell/Daenerys Targaryen; PG; 1884 words

And I'd be your queen?

Queen consort, I'd thought. The title's negotiable.
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My one, and likely only, sidestep into anything Marvel related has probably ruined me forever for puttering about in more moderately sized fandoms.

Living Arrangements
Agent Carter; Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli; PG; 3414 words

Angie almost says, I think Peggy and me are basically married, and I don't think she's noticed, just to see the look on Jarvis's face.
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[community profile] femslashex went live the other day, hurrah!

My contribution was 9k of bittersweet Sansa/Margaery, which, not to sound immodest, I'm really rather proud of.

The Game of Courtship (ASOIAF, Sansa/Margaery)
I loved a maid as red as autumn, with sunset in her hair

I hit the jackpot as far as gift fics are concerned. I got two (count 'em!) and they are both completely brilliant.

I Knew You Were Trouble (When You Walked In) by [archiveofourown.org profile] silly_cleo (DS9, Jadzia/Lenara)
Deep Space Nine Alternate Universe positing the question - what if Lenara Khan had stayed? (Canon Divergent AU post-Rejoined.)

This is the fix-it I've wanted ever since I, oh, first saw Rejoined, and finally!

When Warp Is Fire And Weft Is Ice by [archiveofourown.org profile] afterandalasia (ASOIAF, Sansa/Daenerys)
People tell many stories about them, the Mother of Dragons and the Queen in the North.
Some of them even have a grain of truth in them.

Completely gorgeous future-fic for a pairing I really wish got more play in fandom (the queens of ice and fire!)

And not written for me, but I can't say enough good things about this queer revisionist fix-it of Sansa and Shae's storyline.

take my love, take it down by [archiveofourown.org profile] lastwingedthing (GoT, Sansa/Shae)
In the chaos after King Joffrey's wedding Sansa and Shae find each other, and their freedom.
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2. Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!

Well, this is timely, because my fic for this round of [livejournal.com profile] got_exchange was posted today, and you can't get much newer than that.

A Westeros Fairytale (ASOIAF; Lyanna Stark/Elia Martell)

The prompt for this was: a situation where Lyanna chooses Elia over Rhaegar, and my original idea was for an AU where Rhaegar defeated Robert, took Lyanna as his second wife to appease the North, but became disenchanted with her when she gave birth to Jon Snow rather than the daughter Rhaegar expected. I saw a glorious fan wank somewhere that the woman's name Rhaegar said when he was dying might have been Visenya. The whole thing was going to be about Lyanna and Elia learning to live with one another, raising their children together, and hoping no-one had noticed that they were the ones running Westeros as Rhaegar became increasingly fixated on prophecy and dragons.

And it would have been... fine, probably. But I was writing it in stilted fifty word bursts, and not enjoying it at all. So, I deleted what I had and started from scratch.

There's a chapter in, I think, Storm of Swords, where Meera Reed tells Bran a thinly veiled story about the tourney at Harrenhal and how Lyanna met Rhaegar. I used that as a framing device to have Meera tell Bran about the time that Lyanna Stark dressed up as a knight, crowned Elia Martell the queen of love and beauty, and ran away with her. Thus sparing everyone a great deal of trouble and upset.

I go back and forward on whether I think Lyanna Stark was the knight of the laughing tree. On the one hand I want her to have been, because lady knights are everything I want. On the other, basically two of the very few things we know for sure about Lyanna is that she was scrappy like Arya, and that she was a brilliant horsewoman. But I feel like she would have needed more than that to beat three even mediocre jousters. And I doubt jousting is a skill she could have picked up in secret, and it's so outside the feminine sphere that it would have been mentioned.

So, yeah, I wish the mystery knight had been Lyanna Stark; I think he was Howland Reed.

But, hey, it's my fairytale, so of course it has girl jousters, and female characters rescuing themselves, and happy Starks!
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-This week I got suckered into teaching my younger sister how to drive. I think I have given the finger to more people this week than I have in ten plus years of driving, or indeed the whole rest of my life. I am kind of appalled and amazed at the number of people who think that, if someone is obviously new to driving, say because they are in a car covered with L plates, and they get flustered at a junction and stall the car, then the thing to do is rev right up behind them, flashing your lights, and holding down your horn. I mean, it's not going to fucking speed up proceedings, is it?

I've never had road rage; but I seem to have driving instructor rage.

It's going quite well. The only thing is, my sister, who has many otherwise stellar qualities, is one of those people who has difficulty accepting that she is ever in the wrong. And she will patiently explain to you why she was right, and actual, objective reality was wrong. Over the years I have learned to mostly tune these explanations out-- but, 1) it really would be better if she didn't insist on explaining these things to me when we sitting in the car trying to get onto a roundabout, and 2) you are in a toyota hatchback, and he is in an articulated lorry; this is the very definition of a might makes right situation!

-I went to see Maleficent, which I loved! I liked lots of things about it, particularly I liked that it was less than two hours long and not part one of whatever. It has become a bit of free entertainment amongst my friends, of an evening, to get me started on my genuine and lasting bitterness about Desolation of Smaug.

We went for a drink after Maleficent and I was talking away about how much I'd liked it, and how feminist retellings of fairytales were pretty much my bag, anyway. Always a bit of a risk - one of my dearest friends is a wonderful woman, kind and funny, she's prone to baking me red velvet cupcakes when she thinks I need bucking up... she also uses the word feminazi un-ironically. So I got to talking about the scene where spoilers ) And I was accused of being a pervert for reading such things into a children's film. Not in a horrible way, really, just in a 'oh you, with your feminism and overthinking things, bless'

It was just interesting because I realised I was talking to my mates in the pub as though they were, well, you guys. It was a weird moment of inadvertent crossing the streams.

Also, I thought pervert was kind of a strong word. Many years ago we used to share thin-walled student housing. I know things about some of these people that no self respecting homosexual should know.

-I have been writing further tropey fic(lets)! I have now written 10k of tropey ridiculousness in a fortnight; let us never speak of this again.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (LotS; Cara/Kahlan, Kahlan/Richard; 1200 words)

Is it still a soulbond AU if the soulbonds are more, er, guidelines than anything else? Also, I still can't write Cara/Kahlan without significant wailing and gnashing of the teeth over Richard. In my defense, Richard is a precious puppy.

Practice Makes Perfect (GoT; Sansa/Margaery; 2000 words)

I'm going to call this a sixth form college AU, because that way I feel better about having written what is essentially a high school AU. Also, I am ridiculously fixated on the idea of Sansa as a lesbian; as an identity, I mean, not just an excuse for femslash.

No Gravity, No Fallen Angels (Merlin; Gwen & Morgana; 1900 words)

Um, behold as an atheist attempts to write an angels & demons AU without ever alluding to god or religion!
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I have been cheerfully writing tropey ficlets; of varying lengths and degrees of tropeyness.

I wrote an Emma/Regina coffee shop AU, which nobody actually asked for, the request was for a bodyswap ficlet, but I somehow transposed the numbers in my head, and wrote some tooth aching fluff about Henry Swan-Mills, his two moms, and the bakery they own. Please disregard all my previous complaints about how I find most Swan Queen fics too fluffy for my tastes as the rankest hypocrisy.

I Love To Live So Pleasantly OUaT, Henry, Emma/Regina, 1100 words

Also nearly 3k of Sansa/Margaery arranged marriage AU; I couldn't stop, apparently I really wanted to write a femslash arranged marriage AU, and on some level really do think that Sansa and Margaery should just get married already.

Keep the Bouquets, Throw Away the Grooms Game of Thrones, Sansa/Margaery, 2830 words

And my first Elementary ficlet, where Joan and Ms. Hudson get handcuffed together, but is mostly about how even if Joan moves out she and Sherlock are still platonic soulmates.

Lessons in Lock-Picking Elementray, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Ms. Hudson, 950 words

I have more prompts, and much time to spend on trains in the next few days, so there will quite possibly be more of these. But I may have to have a strict talk with myself about how a ficlet is, like, 400-600 words.
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Two different remixes that I'd written over the last month or so de-anoned this weekend, and I thought I would self-indulgently talk about them. Because I think they're both kind of interesting in that I don't think they're as obviously by me as a lot of the things I write. I have a very distinctive style, I've been told.

So for remix_redux I remixed an ASOIAF five things fic called I Believe The Children Are Our Future, which is about various characters (Lyanna, Bran, Cersei, Arianne, Jon) being fostered out young and brought up in a different house. And each segment is basically a ficlet of a few hundred words (nothing wrong with that, I've written stories in that style myself) so my idea as to how to remix it was to expand every section into a longer fic; because why write one remix when you can write five?

The biggest change was that one of the sections (Arianne being raised in the Targaryen court in exile as Viserys' intended) was exorcised completely. Partly because I ran out of time/fannish energy, and partly because I had a lot of trouble with the idea of writing a sane future King!Viserys; I guess the you are the chosen one vibes I get off Dany are too strong, even as the narrative itself actively works to undermine those vibes. And I know it smacks of excusing my own laziness, but I think the remix works better as a four things than a five, because this way it's all about the Starks, really: three Starks who were brought up by other families, and one Lannister raised by wolves.

Hence the funky remix subtitle.

Live For Just These Twenty Years (the wolves in sheep's clothing remix)
ASOIAF; PG; 7527 words; Lyanna Stark, Bran Stark, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister

Political fostering, yea or nay?

(Lyanna Stark, fostered at Sunspear; Bran Stark, a ward of Pyke; Cersei Lannister, a lioness in Winterfell; Jon Snow, a southron knight)

I also signed up for the Merlin fandom remix, which could have easily gone very wrong, because Merlin fandom is even more overwhelmingly Merlin/Arthur centric than it was in my day. And it's not that I particularly object to remixing M/A, it's that my interpretation of the M/A relationship is So Very Different to the majority of fandom's that nobody who ships them really wants me remixing their fic.

For the curious, my take on their relationship can be summed up thusly: the only thing creepier that Merlin's canon obsession with Arthur, is the way fandom romanticises it.

Anyway, I was very lucky with matching that I got someone's who's oeuvre included Lessons Learned which is a post series fic where Arthur has returned, and Merlin is pre-emptively killing Arthur's enemies (Mordred, Morgana, etc.) as they rise again; only it's strongly implied that these aren't the old foes come again, they're just random people, and Merlin is just violently paranoid.

So, I made my remix explicit that these weren't the reincarnations of anybody, just innocent bystanders, and I split my remix between two perspectives. Between the boys; Arthur, and Merlin teaching him about the modern world, which I'm sure has been done in 1001 fics before, and the detective who's investigating Merlin's killing spree.

I am weirdly proud of this remix. Mostly because I don't like Merlin as a character, nor do I like M/A as a ship, but I think I managed to respect the original fic, and the ship, while making my problems with it (not just the dead women, but the co-dependence, the way that Merlin manipulates Arthur, and how Arthur doesn't realise how much Merlin controls his life) pretty explicit.

Lessons Learned (a little bit of history repeating remix)
Merlin; R; 3200 words; Merlin/Arthur

Merlin has always killed for Arthur, ever since Camelot, but they're not in Camelot anymore.
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Today I had to change all the locks in my house. Not for reasons of crime, or anything, but just because they were old and sticky and getting to the point where I could no longer brute-force-and-ignorance it. And I'm here to tell you, that is not a job that's reassuring in it's complexity. Twenty minutes and one screwdriver was all it took. I'm seriously reconsidering taking up a life of crime.


The [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen archive opened today (yay) and I have read shamefully little (boo) but it looks like there's a lot of awesome stuff there, and I have bookmarks coming out my ears of things to get to when I have a little more time.

I wrote my fic about Arianne Martell, a character I got progressively more interested in as I wrote about her, so that was neat, even though I think the fic itself is a little throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, you know? On the other hand, I finally managed to write something where there literally is a queen in every corner. So.

The Sun's Daughter
A Song of Ice and Fire; PG-13; 5115 words; Arianne Martell/Tyene Sand, Arianne Martell, Asha Greyjoy, Arya Stark, assorted Sand Snakes and Dornishmen

Arianne is her father's daughter, her uncle's niece, and the first Princess of Dorne since the days of the first Daenerys to not bend-her-knee to the Iron Throne.


As much as I would love to stay up and read more Rarewomen fic, or even wait for the remix archive to open. But I have to get up a five tomorrow morning, so I really must go to bed.

Five a.m. Bloody hell, only grown ups have to get up at five a.m., and if I'm a grown up why have I had cheese on toast for my last five meals running?

One of life's eternal mysteries.
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Okay, so this was written for the Game of Thrones exchange and is largely a character study of Dany and her painfully awkward political marriage of convenience to Jon and Aegon.

Now I love Dany, even though I think she's not a queen, she's a conqueror with an conscience, which is way more interesting to me. I like Jon fine, though I'm largely blah on him as a romantic interest. And if Aegon isn't an impostor then I will eat my hat; seriously, it's one of my very few deal breakers with the series. So, there's that.

Kiss The Boys And Make Them Cry
A Song of Ice and Fire; PG-13; 4,300 words; Dany/Jon, Dany/Aegon, Aegon/Arianne

Dany is not convinced that Jon is Rhaegar's son, and she does not believe that Aegon isn't an impostor, but she marries them both to keep the peace.

Fic Post

Mar. 8th, 2014 02:56 am
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Okay, so this is partly a protracted thought experiment about how the Night's Watch might function if it was an all-female pseudo-mediaeval military outfit. Blame this graphic.

Partly it's a lovely AU about Arya getting to grow up to be a shieldmaiden, and make some friends her own age who don't leave her and aren't hardened murderers.

Twelve thousand words, very little plot, no sex, and no male characters. No excuses and no regrets.

The Sisters Black
A Song of Ice and Fire; PG-13; 12,165 words; Arya Stark, Lyanna Stark, Wylla Manderly, Lyanna Mormont, Maege Mormont, Brienne of Tarth, Sarella Sand, Mya Stone, Kyra, Pia

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no husband and bear no children. I shall wear no gowns and no jewels. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life's blood to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.

-The Sisterhood of the Night's Watch
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I read somewhere that the best way to get out of a slump of writer's block is to write something utterly self-indulgent, something that has no redeeming features except for the way it makes your id sing... And I have to say - after five thousand words of a Merlin/Temeraire fusion about Morgana, dragons, secret lesbian feelings, and sibling angst - that it is excellent advice.

Here Be Dragons
Merlin/Temeraire; Morgana, Aithusa, Elena; 5500 words

In which Morgana becomes devoted to a young dragon, develops an attraction to a pretty girl, betrays her deepest secret, and accidentally joins His Majesty's Aerial Corps.
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So the [community profile] femslashex stories went live.

I wrote:

Don't Ask Questions, Don't Ask Directions
Game of Thrones; Shae/Sansa Stark; PG-13; 2187 words

You could take Lady Sansa with you. You could take her away from this terrible place. Somebody should.

I genuinely think the changes to Shae's character, and especially her friendship with Sansa, are the best adaptation the show has made from the books; and this is The One Where Shae Accepts Varys's Bribe, Takes Sansa, and they Both Get the Hell Out of King's Landing. [personal profile] likeadeuce very kindly helped me with the wobbly bits, and any residual wobbliness is entirely down to me.

I received:

Bell, Book and Candle by [archiveofourown.org profile] killalla (Felix Castor; Juliet/Susan)

And not only am I delighted, but I no longer slightly regret not signing up for yuletide, because this is the tiny, in fact non-existent fandom and pairing of my heart. And this is one of those small but perfectly formed fics, with pitch perfect voices.

Other fics I have especially enjoyed:

Stone and Snow by [archiveofourown.org profile] justwolf (A Song of Ice and Fire; Arya/Daenerys)

This is the story of future assassin!Arya being sent to kill Dany and, um, very much not not killing her. But it's also everything I could want Arya and Dany's arcs to be. It's so compelling about the sort of queen Dany might be, with the people of King's Landing resenting her and her dragons, and Arya's journey from being no-one back to being Arya Stark, and how they might come together.

The Kusheline Reel by [archiveofourown.org profile] kmo (Kushiel's Legacy; Melisande/Ysandre)

A missing scene from the first Kushiel book where Melisande dances with Ysandre at her coming-of-age ball. This not only makes a slightly unusual pairing seem self-evident, and makes me fascinated with a version of events where Melisande's schemes involved Ysandre more directly, but it's perfectly in character and hits the tone of the Kushiel books spot-on.

Blessings Brighten by [archiveofourown.org profile] Thursday_Next (Downton Abbey; Sybil/Gwen)

In which Gwen and Sybil run away together at the end of the first series. I always have time for fics about female characters running away from narratives which will only end up treating them poorly, and this was lovely and sweet and gave me so many flashbacks to happier days.
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-In different things to do of a Friday evening, tonight I peeled my mother off the floor of the pub. To be fair, it was her retirement do after thirty years as an infant school teacher; something that has left her with the unshakeable belief that young people should be muzzled and forced to wear electric shock collars until the age of twenty-five.

-I bought two pairs of jeans. I am much more sanguine about my weight than I used to be; I have good qualities, I'm funny and well-read, and these don't go away just because they're wrapped in a body with the general consistency of a victoria sponge. But buying jeans is one of those things that can still lead me to tears of self-loathing. But today I liked the first pair I tried on in the first shop. So I bought two. I also bought a jumper with a picture of a sheep wearing a gryffindor scarf on it for, um, reasons.

-My attempt to get together with tumblr as a platform, take 3: [tumblr.com profile] netgirl-y2k. There's not an awful lot there yet, and I'm not sure if there will be, to be honest. And I think I'll find it less frustrating if I use it mostly as a repository of pretty things I might want to look at again. But, yes, there I am.

-I've started writing those femslash ficlets. I shall try to write more over the weekend. I was having a bit of an experimental phase with these two. I'm over that now.

four times ysandre de la courcel thought about asking phèdre no delaunay to share her bed and one time she actually did
Kushiel's Legacy; Ysandre/Drustan, Ysandre/Phèdre; PG; 900 words

ysandre had never asked for naamah's blessing, or for kushiel's harsh mercy.

Song of Wolves
Once Upon a Time/Merlin; Ruby/Morgana; PG-13; 600 words

Red can't decide if Morgana is the Evil Queen without a kingdom, or the Dark One without Rumpelstiltskin's sense of mirth.
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I picked up a pinch-hit for the latest round of the got exchange, and as my original fic was Arianne/Dany I think we shall call this round the round of unlikely femslash pairings, which is good, because who doesn't like unlikely femslash pairings.

The Quiet Ones
ASOIAF; Sansa Stark/Myrcella Baratheon; PG; 2,462 words

Myrcella Hill is her mother's daughter, more or less.


Jul. 24th, 2013 04:25 pm
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Well, strangely enough I actually feel better for having written that.

This is What You Will Wear To the End of the World (5/5)
Merlin; Gwen, Morgana; PG-13; 16,000 words; Part I |
Part II | Part III

Gwen was still adjusting to her new role as the ruling queen of Camelot, Morgana was only intermittently sorry and only intermittently sane, but life goes on, even after destiny has chewed you up and spat you out.

Part IV: in which they finally discuss magic and its place in Camelot.

Part V: in which it is a brand new day.
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...and I shall leave you with some ASOIAF femslash, which is really more of an Arianne Martell character study cunningly disguised as femslash.

Since The House Is On Fire, Let Us Warm Ourselves
ASOIAF; Arianne/Daenerys; PG-13; 1500 words

I didn't realise that it was the silver queen's heart you were trying to get inside.


Jun. 15th, 2013 05:19 am
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Okay. The fact that part one was 1/3, and this part is 2/4 might make it look like I don't know what I'm doing. But the change was mostly to stop chapter 2 being double the length of chapter 1. Also I think I'm going to need an epilogue. Also I don't know what I'm doing. Um.

This is What You Will Wear to the End of the World (2/4)
Merlin; Gwen, Morgana; PG-13; 3,800 words; content note: character death

There was nothing more foolish than trying to debate comparative morality with Morgana


Jun. 7th, 2013 12:38 am
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I usually try to have a rule about not posting chaptered fics. But I have been trying not to write this fic for seven months now, to the point where not writing it was blocking me from writing other things. So... hopefully, posting it will get it out of my system once and for all and I can throw myself wholeheartedly into writing ASOIAF femslash (er, yay?)

So, the one where Morgana survives the finale (hush, magic resurrection dragon), has a crisis of morality, gets thrown into Camelot's dungeon, and has a series of vaguely philosophical conversations with Queen Guinevere.

This is What You Will Wear To the End of the World
Merlin; Gwen, Morgana; PG-13; 3500 words; part 1/3

Gwen's choice was a stark one: she could kill Morgana, or she could keep her.

Also, parts two and three ought to be up next week and the week after, respectively.

Also also, icon (at least on the dw side) never more relevant.


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