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Sixty four episodes later and a dragon has finally vomited fire onto some Lannisters. That was all I wanted. I could stop watching now. I mean, I won't, but I could.

I never thought I'd be that scared for the wellbeing of CGI dragon.

Bronn should have died. The fact that he didn't was protagonist centred storytelling, and Bronn isn't our protagonist and shouldn't be treated as such. And even if you think Bronn is much cooler than I do, being incinerated as you try to fire a giant spear into the maw of a dragon is a pretty badass way to go.

Speaking of badass deaths: OLENNA MOTHERFUCKING TYRELL.

I wonder if the Brienne v. Arya duel sounded cooler on the page than it looked on screen. They were really struggling to make it convincing that Gwendoline Christie wouldn't just be able to swat Maisie Williams, who is literally half her size, like a bug. And Arya shouldn't have been able to block Oathkeeper with Needle, like, I know she has face changing assassin waif-fu powers now, but that shouldn't change the tensile strength of metal.

Although, there's also no reason for a random puddle on a battlefield to be thirty feet deep. Game of Thrones has left both reality and physics entirely by the wayside this season, and I'm pretty much okay with that.

Are other people getting chemistry from Jon and Dany? Because all I'm getting from them is HBO smooshing two wooden dolls together and going: NOW KISS, and it's just not working for me.

Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke are already the show's two weakest actors. And normally it doesn't bother me because Harrington's good in the fight scenes which is a lot of what you want for Jon Snow, and although I've never enjoyed Clarke in anything else she works for me as Daenerys because I tend to assume that Dany is an overwrought and stilted person anyway. But when they're the only two actors in a scene they've got nowhere to hide.

Also, I kind of want to write fic where Jon sends Sansa to Dragonstone to negotiate. If I ever decide whether I want it to be Sansa/Dany or Sansa/Tyrion I just might.

The only thing that bothered me about the Sand Snakes end was that the show had squandered a brilliant actress in Indira Varma (and, admittedly, three piss poor ones in the Sand Snakes). I even had an uncomfortable moment of YOU GO, MAD QUEEN CERSEI because, well, it was Ellaria who escalated it to that level.

I am over-invested in, and thus very worried about Yara. I am pleased Theon wants to mount a rescue mission. But I remember reading an interview with the showrunners before this season began where they talked about Euron being a worse villain than Ramsey, and so far the only thing we've really had to hate Euron for is his extremely irksome Johnny Depp impression, so I'm seriously concerned about what shape Yara might be in if we see her again.

Speaking of Theon: OH, SQUIDLING, NO.

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