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May. 28th, 2016 11:48 pm
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Fandom/Geeky Things

Via [ profile] spikedluv, "Summer TV Schedule: 110+ Dates to Save in June and July".

"Sailor Moon Socks Are Exactly What You'd Hope". [Kotaku]

"'Captain America' Filmmakers to Produce Chinese Superhero Franchise".

Via [ profile] sovay, "The US Army responds to the fan theory that the government owes Captain America $3 million".


"Dr. Heimlich Uses His Maneuver At Retirement Home, Saves 87-Year-Old Woman". [NPR]

"A Previously Undiscovered Boa Constrictor Has Been Found". [Atlas Obscura]

"The Illegal, Underground Ballerinas of Iran".

"9 Totally weird things you can do with lube".

"Preserving Ireland's Ancient, Mysterious Tree-Based Alphabet: Across Ireland, hundreds of millennia-old Ogham stones are slowly weathering away". [Atlas Obscura]

"Prevailing winds: The “usage wars” are coming to an end, and good sense is winning". [The Economist]

"What Does It Mean When We Call Women Girls? Robin Wasserman on the Unstoppable Wave of 'Girl'-Titled Books". [LitHub]

A random cool thing: the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre in Alberta does a haunted elevator at Hallowe'en. Not much detail provided, but it sounds neat!

"We Weren’t That Resilient". "In response to the bell ringing that kids these days aren’t resilient the way their parents were growing up in the Wild West of the seventies and eighties suburban American neighborhoods and schools: I call bullshit."

Via [ profile] cofax7, "Dinner is Shipped: From Blue Apron to Plated, the definitive ranking of meals delivered in boxes". [The Verge]

"How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist". "Western Culture is built around ideals of individual choice and freedom. Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make “free” choices, while we ignore how those choices are manipulated upstream by menus we didn’t choose in the first place. This is exactly what magicians do. They give people the illusion of free choice while architecting the menu so that they win, no matter what you choose."

"A Sculptor of Black Heroes Leaves a Legacy". [New York Times]

"How the Toronto Symphony Orchestra uses graphic design to guide its audiences though its music".

"New Evidence Suggests a Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature". [Gizmodo]

"I Tried To Follow 8 Different High School Dress Codes And It Was Frustrating". [Buzzfeed]

The Tale of Lightsabre the Blue

May. 28th, 2016 11:27 pm
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Remember the time I read Tattúínárdǿla saga and basically went "I want fic"? Spoilers: I wrote the fic and it's in continuity with that.

The Tale of Lightsabre the Blue (3338 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Ensemble (The Force Awakens)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Vikings
Summary: The author posits that the Old Norse manuscript recently found in the Bay of Douarnenez belongs to the same corpus as the Icelandic Tattúínárdǿla saga.

[personal profile] dolorosa_12 was kind enough to beta for me and help me with the academical notes. I have now written fic beta-ed by someone with a more-than-semi relevant PhD.

Some kind souls helped me translate "Starkiller" into Old Norse ("Stjǫrnubani") and I used Viking Lady and Behind the Name as references for personal names. As much as possible I tried to pick names that had relevant meanings.

More notes )

And with this I qualified for "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy" for [community profile] femmeremix so I signed up for that.


May. 28th, 2016 08:00 pm
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And sign-ups are closed.

If for some reason you were waiting until the very last minute possible and were unable to complete your sign-up, please contact the mods via email at femmeremix at immediately.

Assignments will go out when matching is completed, which will be no later than June 5.

Sign-Ups Deadline in One Hour

May. 28th, 2016 06:58 pm
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Last call for sign-ups. They will be closing in one hour!

Things that have gone wrong

May. 28th, 2016 08:12 pm
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I've been meaning to post, but real life has been a bit real recently...

Last week I was woken up at 1am by the smoke alarm, which beeped a bit (properly beeped, not just chirped). When the smoke alarm goes off you are awake. After establishing there was no fire anywhere and googling reasons why it had gone off I'd determined it could wait until the morning and managed to calm myself down enough to turn the light off and attempt going back to sleep. At which point it went off again. Long story short, I ended up calling the fire brigade up, who established there was definitely no fire, using their heat detector. They found Missy, though (who was asleep until fireman were there and something interesting was going on).

Since my smoke alarms are mains-operated, the firemen couldn't actually check them, just put up some battery operated ones (and I turned the mains smoke alarms off) and they told me to get an electrician to look at it. Which I am still working on, a week and a bit later. It seems like the electricians on checkatrade are all so busy they either don't really want the work and/or won't answer messages/the phone.

While I was trying to get an electrician I thought I'd try and get someone to wash the windows, given that I've been meaning to do it for two years. Which turns out to be just as hard...

Meanwhile getting someone to clean my cooker (as part of the warranty-like thing I have with Currys) involves calling them so they can arrange the cleaner to call me to arrange an appointment. That took a week, but is at least sorted (I'd only been putting that off for two months, but it's a yearly thing...).

Wednesday went terribly with trying to meet up with [info]just_ann_now (and [info]jay_of_lasgalen and [info]falling_towers). It was partially the Natural History Musseum's fault for having two entrances and a dinosaur at each entrance, and my fault for being unable to read the big red "You are here" sticker on a map. After that things went better and I got home later than I'd intended because [info]falling_towers and I were having fun in Harrods. The most expensive thing we came across, without looking that hard, was a bookcase with no back (so no use for books) for £19,000.

Last weekend I was also in London, this time for the European Swimming Championships. It was horribly hot and humid, but we knew that in advance. For some crazy reason they wouldn't let us take food in, so we got home late because we were trying to find some food in the shopping centre (the pasta place that looked nice and had gluten free pasta, failed to have any gluten free pasta). But I did end up with some strawberry sorbet. The swimming itself was fun and much better than on TV, where you can't really see much.

Yesterday I went to the recycling centre, to get rid of some stuff. I thought I'd only be there a minute and was actually there over an hour because my battery decided it didn't like this car starting idea any more (but was quite happy to work all the rest of the electronics). The only good thing was that it was (amazingly) still in warranty, so at least the new battery was free.

It has really turned into one of those months.

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king john
the first half was pretty good - lots of interesting stuff with eleanor (who i have been well schooled to understand is the best queen), a guy i thought was sure to steal the throne from john (i.e. the bastard) though actually he never did, and some very amusing scenes where the french and the english tried to besign a city full of trolls, and then bickered amongst themselves. why is this an unpopular one??? i thought. but then the second half was just completely random and picaresque and i was like - oh, this is why, never mind. shakespeare again confused about how he should represent bad kings.

staging wise - they'd gone for something a bit bizarre where there were technies filming the coronations, and the speeches that john and the french king made about why THEY deserved to get into algiers - techniques that had really worked in the westminster-themed richard ii i'd watched a few weeks before, but which didn't work here in the faux medieval costumed world that we'd gone for. although the same screens did work (i thought) for the battle sequences, where the actors largely went off stage and some films of soldiers crashing into each other were played. costumes also generally... quite cheap looking given that i generally watch shakespeare at the globe where they beautifully hand-sew tudor clothes every time.

acting was largely good (surprise miles richardson as random background lord), although they all pronounced louis as 'lewis', although he was clearly french. john was good, porthos was good, small child was surprisingly good, eleanor was ok though could have been even better.

theatre really nice - never been to kingston rose before. but it had very good, very airy, very cheap seats from where you could see everything.

funny girl
i booked these tickets ages ago, and unfortunately since then sheridan smith has had to take leave/has been really ill, which meant we had the pleasure of seeing the understudy basically acting sheridan (she did it very well, and sang probably a lot better, but alas - it was not sheridan). vvv much enjoyed the show, which i hadn't seen as a musical before this. obviously 'don't rain on my parade' is the only great song, but the others are quite good. overall, i enjoyed it a lot more than 'gyspy' (only very recently also in the savoy), which it's very similar to - largely because i liked the music more - and also because fanny herself is vv good fun, whereas rose is very interesting, and a great character, but not that fun.

quite interested in potentially going back if/when sheridan comes back, maybe in better seats too (though the savoy also has some pretty good cheap seats).

north & south
omg, the ending!!!! wtf??


north & south
really enjoyed the ending of the book, except that i got fed up with everyone dying. the ending was lovely, although i was hoping for a nice denoument after everything was all right. instead it ended at the strongest moment and i was like 'is that it??? well, it's pretty good, but... i wanted to wallow!' the stuff with higgins is really good.

the ladies of grace adieu
generally i don't like short stories that much, but having criticised JSMN for being too baggy i admit i did welcome these opportunities to enjoy the world without the baggage. theoretically the unconnected nature of the storis should have made it easy to put down, but i read the whole thing in an evening and then felt rather desolate.

most particularly i enjoyed the chance to hang out with jonathan quickly, even if he didn't come out of it very well (well, he does and he doesn't. he's very clever - which was nice because of how the TV one wasn't that clever; but then he gets FOILED and shown up as being very limited in his world view, so... but, you know what? that's ok, because that is jonathan), and i really liked the title story, duke of wellington loses his horse, mrs mabb (particularly the descriptions of fanny being poor and irritable), and the simonelli/john hollyshoes one.

wikipedia tells me that bertie cavell (who played jonathan in the tv series) played captain fox in a radio adaptation of mrs mabb. presumably he was just walking past the studio and they got him to say one line, because that character is mostly not in the story at all.

anyway - i v much enjoyed the book. and i recommend it. actually i recommend everything in this post - i guess it's been a good time for cultural experiences.

the real question here is why i haven't read this book (and the other NINE in the series - jesus christ) long long before now. i am only vaguely interested in dragons, though i have friends who like them a lot more, but i love AoS stuff (clearly - see above) and fantasy-themed AoS stuff written for a modern audience. or the idea of it at least, given that there's not tonnes of it around. this is another 'consumed within one day' sort of a book (though actually it may have been one and a half, but who's counting?). very readable, lots of fun. the first line is pretty awkward, and the book only really picks up pace once the dragon is born, but in general - good stuff. i really like how the dragons are both people and substitutes for ships (i particularly like the language used around how they fly, and how nautical this is), and how the aviators are and aren't the royal navy.

the characters need some time to come into themselves - at the moment the world is the main character, and the characters themselves are mostly moving through it with the exception of our leads, but i guess she's got another nine books to go (i've started the throne of jade already, thank you kindle - immediate download post finishing the books). also, i need some sort of viktor krum character to rock up and start pronouncing the dragon's name wrong, so that laurence can say it phonetically for me. in my head i'm reading it as tem-ah-rare-ee, but i have no idea whether that is right or not. it probably isn't. interestingly i note i also have trouble visualising the dragons, though they are well described. i could do with a film to help my limited imagination here.

anyway - good fun, nicely written/engaging battle sequences that are strongly influenced by naval battles. just need some more outrageous characters, i reckon, and more jokes. everyone's a bit too normal and serious.
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Beware of the sheep!

1 Beware of the sheep, Herefordshire Beacon, 05-16

Probably Selatosomus aeneus, a rare-ish "click" beetle in metallic turquoise and blue armour.

2 Selatosomus aeneus (probably), one of the "click beetles", Herefordshire Beacon 05-16

No triffids but only innocent plants that won't eat you. )

Long Weekend

May. 27th, 2016 11:55 pm
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Note to self: you really need to accomplish the following over the weekend:

- Clean the damn apartment.
- Go to the grocery store.
- Make it to the cat café in the District in time for tomorrow's date.
- Put in at least 10 hours of work for Part-Time Job (and preferably more).
- Try to write at 10,000 words of fic (not necessarily all part of the same fic - just in total).
- Watch at least five more episodes of Critical Role.

Luckily, the last one can be done concurrently with either of the ones directly before it. That's the only way I even remotely have a chance of getting everything done.
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Sign-ups will close in just over 24 hours, at 8PM EDT (US), Saturday. If you have not yet signed up, now is the time to do so.

Now is also a good time to double-check the Sign-up Summary to see if there are any fandoms you are interested in offering to remix. Please pay special attention to those fandoms listed with either 1 request and 0 offers or 1 request and 1 offer, as they are the ones which will be most difficult to match. If you are able to write in any of those fandoms, the mods would greatly appreciate it if you could edit your offers to include them.

Once sign-ups have closed, we will start the matching process. Our calendar says that assignments will be out June 5, but if matching goes quickly (and it is likely to), we will send out assignments earlier than that. An earlier assignment send-out will not affect due dates.

Pinch-hit signups will remain open. Pinch-hits will go out as-needed and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. All pinch-hitters will be expected to follow the remix rules (1000+ word remix about at least one female character). As with the regular assignments, pinch-hits are due on July 24. Pinch-hits which are sent out after July 22 will be due on July 29.

Remix Treats sign-ups will also remain open. If you are not participating in the main remix but would like treats, we'd also like to encourage you to sign up as a pinch-hitter (however, you are not obligated to claim a pinch-hit).

my shows are passing me by

May. 27th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Not long now and I'll have a whole season of Elementary and a whole season of Orphan Black to catch up on. I especially mean to watch the latter. But not yet, not for a few more weeks at the earliest. I haven't even managed The Mindy Project or Steven Universe the last couple of weeks.

No spoilers during vidukon please!

Fanwork Recs - May 27, 2016

May. 27th, 2016 03:13 am
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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again. Plus, this week, the launch of a new reccing feature!

Recommendations included:
  • Amazing Spider-Man — fic (1)
  • Avengers — art (2)
  • Ballet Shoes — fic (1)
  • Captain America — fic (2)
  • Crossover: Pride & Prejudice/Mansfield Park — fic (1)
  • Crossover: Mulan/Sleeping Beauty — gifset (1)
  • Crossover: Star Wars/Alfred Hitchcock — vid (1)
  • Crossover: Supernatural/Adventure Time — vid (1)
  • Crossover: Thor/Guardians of the Galaxy — fic (1)
  • DC Comics — art (1)
  • Downton Abbey — fic (1)
  • Dragon Age — art (1), comic (1)
  • Final Fantasy VII — art (1)
  • Hamilton — art (1)
  • Harry Potter — fic (1)
  • Jessica Jones — art (1)
  • One Piece — art (1)
  • Smallville — fic (1)
  • Stargate: Atlantis — fic (1)
  • Star Trek: AOS — fic (1)
  • Star Wars — fic (1), vid (1)
  • Transistor — art (1)

On to the recs! )
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I keep losing track of where we are in the week, even though each day has been distinct: Monday (Victoria Day) I was on my own (working and consuming media) until [ profile] scruloose got home from his one-night camping trip with a couple of coworkers; Tuesday I went to the office and worked a half-day there*, helping to finish some backlogged stuff from last week, and then came home to do manga work; yesterday (Wednesday) I rewrote a huge percentage of the manga volume that was due today** and then hung out with [ profile] wildpear for what felt like the first time in ages (and [ profile] scruloose broke out the smoker and dealt with some fish from the camping trip); and today I finished & polished the volume that was due and read my next assignment for that publisher, making it the only normal-feeling day of the week (except for the part where I'm not currently used to the feel of working from home [and won't be for another month or so]).

I've been continuing to get some actual reading done, which has felt great. After Gena/Finn on the weekend, I read If I Was Your Girl on Tuesday evening, and tonight I started Shadow Scale (the sequel to Seraphina). I chose Shadow Scale because last night [ profile] Bibliogato was gushing about it and [ profile] wildpear mentioned that she'd gone and ordered it from the library because she'd enjoyed Seraphina so much and knew I hadn't read Shadow Scale yet (which is relevant because one of my neuroses quirks is that I have a weird block about lending out books that I haven't read yet, and thankfully the friends who routinely borrow from my shelves don't seem to take this personally).

And for a few hours on Tuesday I was all caught up on my current shows...but then three episodes of Person of Interest aired in quick succession (one Tuesday and two Wednesday >.<). It was a nice feeling while it lasted? And [ profile] scruloose and I watched an episode of The Americans for the first time in a few weeks, which was also great. (We're now two whole episodes into season 2.)

Current TV shows: Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black (the only one [ profile] scruloose is actively watching with me), Person of Interest...and that might actually be it right now, since Elementary and The 100 just wrapped their seasons.

Current TV status: two episodes behind on Person of Interest and one episode behind on Orphan Black (since it aired a couple of hours ago.)

*Technically they didn't need me at the office, since there wasn't a ton of work left, and between that and the fact that I slept horribly the night before (this has been a shitty week for sleep), I only managed to drag myself there by reminding myself that it was a (partial, in my case, although I could've stayed) day of work that didn't count towards the ~upcoming 20 normal days of work~ and that I like paycheques.

I was literally on the bus to the office when I clued in that it was the day after a stat holiday and by going in for the amount of time I was already planning on I was qualifying to get holiday pay. So that made me a lot more cheerful about my life choices, despite how tired I was.

**This is kind of funny because, of course, being so close to the wire meant sending my handful of questions to the translator at the last minute too, and it's not realistic to assume instant turnaround. Since he hasn't been able to get back to me yet and this series isn't on a tight production schedule, the editor and I agreed that now I'll hang onto the script for a few days so the translator can answer...after I just work feverishly to get it done for today. But given that I have another volume and a half due next week and plan to get back to the office and start my ~20 normal days~ next Tuesday, having this script done was still important.

Linkspam: fandom/geeky, misc.

May. 26th, 2016 11:04 pm
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Fandom/Geeky Things

"What’s it Like for Peter Parker Growing Up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?" []

"The Importance Of Fanfiction For Queer Youth". [The Establishment]

re: Marvel's appalling stunt with Captain America, I've been retweeting a bit about it, but this is probably the only thing I'm going to link/say about it here, for anyone who hasn't seen this link: "On Steve Rogers #1, Antisemitism, and Publicity Stunts". So vile.

In infinitely more appealing news, "Japan’s Ghibli Museum announces there will be a new Catbus for adults to ride in this summer". [RocketNews24]


"Largely Unknown Section of Central Park Now Open to the Public". [Mental Floss]

"27 Asian Leading Men Who Deserve More Airtime". [Buzzfeed]

"24 Things Men Can Finally Buy". [Buzzfeed]

"A Kinetic Artwork that Sorts Thousands of Random River Stones by Age".

"Goodreads Is Finally Cashing in on Its Devoted Community". [Wired] [ETA: This is currently US-only.]

"“House of Cards meets Sharknado”: Stephen King’s Twitter campaign against Donald Trump is simply amazing ". [Salon]

"8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex".

"A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices".

"The Babayagas’ house, a feminist alternative to old people’s homes, opens in Paris".

"Everything I Learned About Sex from Canadian Movies". [Sarah Kurchak at] "There's a part of me that wishes I could claim that watching 100 straight minutes of intermingling vehicles and flesh interspersed with the occasional bout of wound-fucking with my parents was a uniquely bizarre moment in my adolescent development. But it was actually just one of many times in which the sexual content of CanCon shaped my young life."

On The Toast:

--"The First Line Of Every Fan Fiction I Have Started Writing Once I Found Out Emma Watson Was Named In The Panama Papers". [Mallory Ortberg]

--"“Please God make it stop”: On Faith and Mental Illness".

--"ADHD, Not MPDG: Growing Up With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder".

(no subject)

May. 26th, 2016 10:06 pm
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Okay we have seen Elementary now, you may talk of it here unfearing of spoilering us :)
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- Quote of the [current reading]: Al Ewing, current writer of superhero comics The Ultimates amongst other notable work (New Avengers, 2000AD &c), "Science and exploration feels like something very positive, a general good - it helps mitigate some of those moral concerns. I think an emphasis on expanding knowledge makes the team a lot more interesting and sympathetic than, say, a mission to beat people up in the name of preserving the current social order." P.S. Also, according to the art in The Ultimates the fundamental building blocks of reality are shaped like classic Lego bricks. :-D P.P.S Lucky for me the art in New Avengers is so bad or Marvel might be taking my money for the first time since last century. No, rly, BAD, e.g. at one point Songbird's unnecessary flesh-coloured vulva-shaped thigh-gap actually GLOWS. Now I shall sit here waiting to see who cracks and asks for the link first, lol. /supervillain tendencies

- Who let that nixel drive the Bat Mech?! And why did the Lego designer include lolzy headlight nipples?

Who let that nixel drive the Bat Mech?!

- Reading, books 2016, 72.

62. Shining Stars, Astro City vol.8, by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson. SIGH. This volume begins with a story including anti-Black anti-African Islamophobia, and African/Islamic slaving is repeatedly foregrounded but USian slaving is never mentioned despite the USian setting and history (although, to be fair, Mr Busiek prefers future history to anything before the 1930s, GEE I WONDER WHY THAT MIGHT BE?!). And the book ends with utopian Silver Ageism slipping in and out of unintentionally dystopian rah-rah-rAmerica. All that isn't a healthy combination, although I don't think the Islamophobia was intentional as much as the creators playing with stereotypes they don't sufficiently understand because they've never been on the receiving end of their impact. I'm hoping this is a temporary outbreak of fail and not the point at which Mr Busiek starts indicating he wants Black people and feminists people who aren't white to get off the planet lawn, which I used to think he wouldn't fall into, SIGH. (2/5 unexpectedly, my favourite story was the one about robotic Barbie Beautie)

Two better Astro City books and another mixel remix. )

Who let a nixel drive the MCPD mech?
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What I Just Finished Reading
The Bettanys on the Home Front by Helen Barber. Despite being set when Madge is 14 and Joey is 2, it's a lot like a Chalet School story. There's WWI in the background, but otherwise it's a story of Madge getting into trouble (well, she is a middle...) and setting up a different sort of tennis tournament. It was fun and I liked it - I miss Madge in the Swiss books.

Across the Barricades by Joan Lingard. I really liked this one - to the point where I'm considering getting hold of the rest in the series. It was very easy reading and I got through it in a couple of days. It's really interesting NI background and how their families and friends react to a Protestant girl and Catholic boy getting together.

The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai. This was interesting because it's a true story. It's about a boy (and to a lesser extent, his older sister), who live in a village in India and their father is a drunk and mother is ill, so they have no money. It's interesting to read about how they live and how he reacts to the city, when he goes to Bombay to try and make some money. I found it a bit hard going, though, because of the descriptions. It was probably the sort of thing that would set the scene, but I just lose interest after a paragraph.

What I'm Currently Reading
Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery. It's all [info]lilalanor's fault for introducing me to Green Gables Fables. It's a modern re-telling through vlogs and social media accounts. Although since there are two seasons and I'm only a third of the way through season one on the vlogs, I haven't looked at the social media accounts. Although I've read all the books, I don't remember them, so it made me really want to re-read Anne of. The other books I did own (bought at $1 a time when I visited [info]hhertzof and somehow managed to fit in my suitable) but I didn't like those as much, as I gave them away and don't particularly feel a need to re-read them (which is just as well, really).

What I'm Reading Next
I ought to go back to In the Family Way by Jane Robinson given that I haven't read any of it since I last did a reading post. But I also have books that I need to read and then get rid of, so one of those might be first, once I remind myself what's in the crate.

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