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Second-last day in Toronto! Plans are for us to meet Cow, Ginny, [dreamwidth.org profile] shiroiko, and Kas for lunch (Hakka! My first time having it!), go back to Ginlandia for the afternoon so, uh, everyone else can help her pack and I can work, and then going back out to Chinatown for dinner. Nom! (And then, depending on the time, hopefully more work.)

I don't think I've had more than one or two full nights of sleep since we got to Toronto, mostly because I keep waking up before my alarm. (Or, the night before last, because [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose was out with our most gourmand friend, who's been waiting literally years for us to say, "Okay, choose whatever restaurant you want and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose will go with you, no questions asked" [apparently it was INCREDIBLE, and also not at all my thing. There was a lot of pigs' blood involved], and then we had to get up early to go to Ajax for wedding ceremony #2. ^_^)

So here, have another round of linkspam:

Signal Boost

Melinda Beasi, who's responsible for Manga Bookshelf, is also a voice and theater teacher at Act Too Studio, which is currently fundraising via Indiegogo: Act Too Studio Opera Workshop: The Medium. Melinda (disclaimer: who's a friend of mine) is dedicated to and passionate about her work, and if you've had any contact with her, you probably know she's generally awesome and always doing awesome things. So if you feel so inclined, chip in to support teenagers singing opera!

On a similar note: I linked this last week, but ICYMI, Sparkler Monthly Magazine is Kickstarting their third year!


[dreamwidth.org profile] trope_bingo sign-ups are open, with some changes from previous rounds: "We have one main list of 75 tropes that will be the base list, but since many people had issues with working with AU and Kink type tropes we broke them into short add on lists instead of including them in the main list. There is also an add on list for the visual arts inclined, all of these short lists are optional, take them or leave them as suits you. How you use them is up to you as well. / We are also allowing more tropes to be opted out of this round. You can opt out of no more than 12, yes one dozen, tropes. Keep in mind that that the more you cut, the less choices there are for your card but at 62 there shouldn't be any repeats on a 25 space card.".

At ANN: "Avengers: Age of Ultron Episode 0 1-Shot Manga's Main Color Visual Posted". Yes, that is indeed a manga prequel to AoU.

Jason Thompson is wrapping up his "House of 1000 Manga column at ANN after five years of writing it with Shaenon Garrity, and lists ten of his favorite manga titles that he reviewed. (Garrity posted her farewell and list of ten favorites last week.)

(Have you read her post about Basara? Amazing manga.)

I haven't seen Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (yet?), so I haven't read [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay's post about it. But based on [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay's other film/TV posts, it'll be well worth reading. (Did you know she has a film-review Patreon? She does!)

[dreamwidth.org profile] firecat has posted not one but two link roundups for Mad Max: Fury Road. (Spoilers.)

[dreamwidth.org profile] metaphortunate made a thoughtful post on Fury Road the other day.

"Classic shojo manga Kodomo no Omocha getting first new chapter in 17 years".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] yohjideranged, , there's going to be a two-part live-action film adaptation of Chihayafuru. (Which I haven't read yet, but [dreamwidth.org profile] shiroiko tells me I really should.)

Torontoist's "Reel Toronto" column tracks down various shooting locations for season 3 of Orphan Black. (Some spoilers, of course.) "The show has a rather convoluted relationship with Toronto. It’s been broadly implied we’re in the city and you can see Ontario plates and Canadian money and yet they never say it outright and many locations are not at all what they’re supposed to be. For example, the first season established that suburbanite Alison lives in the fictional neighbourhood of “Bailey Downs,” ostensibly in Scarborough. The filming location, however, has been the Angus Glen neighbourhood of Markham." (Yeah, I remember Ginny's reaction when the show claimed that was Scarborough. *g* I kinda wonder if they used "Scarborough" entirely so they could say "Scarberia".)

[Speaking of chameleon!Toronto, the article also mentions "We’ve seen the historic Schmidt-Dalziel barn in a couple of things recently, including last season’s Hannibal. (It’s sometimes accessible during Doors Open and it’s, like, one of the biggest Pennsylvania-style barns in North America so check it out, if you’re into barns and stuff!) This lovely house is on the same property.".]


[dreamwidth.org profile] rmc28 is looking for Book/comic recommendations for 8-9 year olds.

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk: "an index of Ta-Nehisi Coates' posts on the US Civil War and Reconstruction, from 2008 to present". (Shamelessly copying [dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk's link text.)

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] giandujakiss, "Revamped Bubble Wrap Loses Its Pop". End of an era, y'all. "Sealed Air, maker of the iconic packaging material, is rolling out a new flat version to cut down on the high costs of shipping air." [WSJ link, so the full article isn't accessible to non-subscribers.]

"6 Well-Known Health Tips (That Don't Work At All)". [Cracked.com]

"37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You". (We have a friend who's guilty of #19. Lookin' at you, Chaos. [Who doesn't read this.])

At the Mary Sue: "It’s Harder Than It Should Be to Have a Socially Conscious Cell Phone".

fic: Catch My Disease (tennis rpf)

Jul. 3rd, 2015 12:22 am
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Catch My Disease (20232 words)
Fandom: Tennis RPF
Relationships: Novak Djokovic/Andy Murray
Additional Tags: Magical Realism, Rivalry
Summary: At some point after the 2010 World Tour Finals, Novak becomes unbeatable. Andy is determined to find out why.

Thank you to SQ for beta-reading. :)

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I completed [community profile] flaneurs June challenge Lines IIa, follow that railway, in Cheltenham.

After visiting the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, and travelling as far north as possible on the trains, I realised I could also walk south from Cheltenham Racecourse station to Cheltenham Spa mainline station along the disused trackbed, now a cycle path, that used to connect the railways before the branchline was closed. I found the remains of snail shells dumped by a serial-killing bird, probably a thrush, I saw people playing American football (or rather, to confirm the stereotype, standing around on the pitch, in the middle of a game, talking about playing American football), I saw boring graffitied tags and a few pieces of better work (that still wouldn't pass muster in most cities), I crossed bridges (original railway and new cyclepath), and had a much more pleasant walk through the town than I would on the streets full of cars.

Nine more small images. )

On my way through the streets from Cheltenham Spa station to Cheltenham Racecourse, I noticed a long sturdy red brick wall with tell-tale arches, then opposite I spotted a corner house that looked as if it had previously been an old pub and when I rounded the corner (isn't that a pleasing phrase?) I found a plaque explaining that this area had been extensive wharves and offices and warehouses at the terminus of a horse-drawn freight tramroad called the Gloucester and Cheltenham Railway, which existed from 1809-1861. The next corner had another old ex-pub that had closed more recently and still had some of the external trappings of a classic boozer.

10 Ex-pub with tramway plaque, adjoining Market St, Cheltenham 06-15
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Wednesday was the hottest July day on record in Britain. At least 36.7C/98F in the shade at Heathrow, and 32.1C/90F in the shade outside my window. And, no, British architecture is generally not equipped to deal with those sorts of temperatures. On the plus side, I decided to defrost my fridge-freezer and the ice monster lurking in the freezer compartment died in under an hour. Appropriately, its right wing crumbled first while its left wing clung on to the end through a bitter struggle, lol. VICTORY IS MINE!!1!! \o/ My home reached 24C/75F yesterday morning, and stayed there overnight, and should cool down a degree or two today, partly because due to my long-term malfunctioning internal thermostat I chose a rental that's both north-facing and shaded (which are also unpopular characteristics and therefore cheaper). Normally I'd be suffering at 24C/75F but clearly I'm even more broken than usual at the moment because at some points yesterday I was wearing a jumper and/or drinking hot drinks, lol, and I slept comfortably last night. Today the weather here outside is forecast to be rainy and no more than 19C/66F. The (sub)urbanites of south-east of England and continental Europeans in hot spots have my sympathies.

Take what you need... strength, rest, passion

Take what you need (from this random act of street art)... strength, rest, passion. Or you could have my empathy and love. ♥

June things

Jul. 2nd, 2015 06:13 pm
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The Dead Kingdom - Geraldine Harris
Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel
The Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee

books )

Julius Caesar (Globe on Screen)
Read more... )

Anyway my life right now is obsessing over Wimbledon. I really, really hate Channel 7's coverage. I did not need to see the Tomic-Herbert match, y'know? I'm going to be kind of glad when the Aussies are knocked out, then we might actually get some other matches broadcast.
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I am working an extra day this week and I am sooky about it. But I get to order my lunch today instead of bringing it, which is a nice bribe. I had an amazing burger, so amazing and full of wonders. Like, bacon.

I'd link to my instagram but that's in my meatsack name and only half of you know that /is good at secret identities like Daredevil )

Tentative yay: I started writing again. It's mostly due to the neighbour dude, who is a great neighbour except for those random days when he gets out the chainsaw. (Not in a massacre-y way, just in a endless drone-y way.) So I put on my headphones and opened a file and wrote, and somehow chainsaw neighbour dude helped me over that initial hump of fear. But not in a massacre-y way. I finished the rewrite on Chapter One of the Winter Soldier NaNo project, yay. Thanks, chainsaw neighbour dude.

A question: Where does Sam live? Are there any clues in the movie? Pic to illustrate, if that is helpful.

Someone's knocking at the window )

The crochet world lost an artist this week.
CN: mental illness, suicide )

Here, look at Nomi and Amanita. From Sense8. Precious babies. I love them so much.

[Tall blonde woman holding hands with a black woman who has brightly coloured braids in her hair, standing against a wall of graffiti.]

I just watched Ep 4. (The one with the Four Non-Blondes bit, for people who have already finished watching.) Ugh, I never knew how much I wanted an 8-way mindmeld. At the same time, eight characters is a lot to work with. (This is me thinking ahead to when I will inevitably want to write a Sense8 AU with another fandom. Eight characters? Wow. But so interesting.) I need to know more.

I was listening to Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting' the other day, and realised that I've been listening to this song for nearly thirty years and never actually looked up what the heck it was about. (It's a good forward-moving song, so I put it on a lot of my writing playlists. And also my housework playlist.) Turns out it's about a lot of stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Like, wow. Mad science and oppressive governments and orgasmic (I think?) energy and actual cloud seeding.

The video was directed by Terry Gilliam and it stars Donald Sutherland standing on a hill, and Kate Bush standing well below him in a pixie wig. I should google more lyrics from the eighties.

I put the video here behind the cut: )

Things I have found on etsy:

Come window shop with me! )

Ugh, I could shop forever, and my house would be full of tiny useless but pretty stuff. So much better to share here.

Remainder of linkspams:
- Mini fox terrier proves 'working dog' status to council officers
Ahaha, don't fuck with working dogs. And working dog people. I'm just saying. Unless you want to be given the eye and moved into a pen.

- 8 Grand Yet Forgotten Profane Expressions
For maximum Middleman effect, say these out loud, and add "Dubby!" at the end.

- A Glimpse of What Magazines Like Time, Forbes, GQ & More Would Say About Marvel’s New Black Panther
Ugh, can't we have this movie before Ant Man? Seriously.

OMG, it's nearly home time, again! You know, if I got my act together and posted more than twice a month, these things would be a little less epic.
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Mostly social justice and otherwise unsorted linkspam tonight:


Photos of cats in kimono.

"Stray Kitten Befriends Famous Wildlife Photographer By Using Irresistible Cat Tricks".

Social Justice

At Jezebel: "New Study, Also Everyone You Know: Dudes Lie When They Feel Weak". "The study’s co-author, Benoit Monin, says both studies reinforce the idea that “men are under very strong prescriptive norms to be a certain way, and they work hard to correct the image they project when their masculinity is under threat.” [...] These sorts of assumptions about gender make for some of the thorniest relationship problems, because in order to sort them out, you need an incredible degree of awareness in the first place. So many men learn compensatory behaviors—stoicism, aggression, flat-out lying—from so early on that these traits become ingrained to the point of permanence."

[personal profile] lizcommotion posted "Why you should talk to your kids about consent early, because sex-parts don't just turn on at 18". [Content warning: non-graphic accounts of sexual harassment and assault.]

Via [personal profile] jjhunter: "Why Are There So Many More Disabled People Now?" "A common refrain that is often espoused these days by the able-bodied is, “Why are there so many more disabled children today than when I was growing up?” To many, the seeming “epidemic” levels of disabilities such as autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and so on is frighteningly high. Looking to answers such as an abundance of pesticides, vaccines, ultrasounds, “chemicals” and other culprits is increasingly common as people search for an answer... the answer to the burning question of why there are so many more disabled children now is this: They used to be institutionalized and were kept out of society at much higher rates."

At Everyday Feminism:

--Comic: "What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent?"

--"The Media Is Lying to You About Men’s Emotions, And It’s Really F*cked Up – Here’s a Healthier View".

--"Gaslighting Is a Common Victim-Blaming Abuse Tactic – Here Are 4 Ways to Recognize It in Your Life".


Cosplay: "This Asgardian Iron Man armor is better than anything Tony Stark has".

"[Japanese g]overnment begins study into tattoo bans in public baths".

Via Facebook:

--"Forget Pink Plastic Flamingos, These Lawn Ornaments Are Where It's At". (Spoiler: dragons!)

--"Discarded pet goldfish are multiplying and getting kind of ginormous, officials say". (The New Zealand Herald...talking about Canada.)

--Entertaining washing instruction labels from clothing.

--"10 Warm Facts About Huskies".

all right, we'll call that success

Jul. 1st, 2015 06:02 pm
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Okay, so, we acquired Phil Kessel (minus some retained salary) and some other players and picks in return for Kapanen, Spaling, and some other players and picks. What this means:
* We got Phil Kessel! Who is a legit superstar. And now he's ours.
* We got Phil Kessel, who was probably my fav hockey person in the NHL who wasn't a Pen (except maybe Ovi, but I think Ovi is happy where he's at). I have a huge soft spot for Kessel because of all the crap he's taken from the Toronto media and management over the years. And now he's ours! \o/
* We didn't give up Olli OR Pouliot. I think this means Rutherford is magic.
* We dumped Spaling, who was serviceable but cost too much.
* Now we won't/can't trade for Patrick Sharp. Or his face. \o/


While we're at it, here's one from Puck Daddy today specifically about the ridiculous Toronto media and its ridiculous treatment of Kessel.

And is HockeyMeesh's breakdown of the trade. Meesh is my fav Pens blogger, btw; you should totes follow him on Twitter.

Second, some worthy quotes. First, from the article by Seth Rorabaugh above:
General manager Jim Rutherford said discussions on this trade went on for approximately a month. Coupling that with the somewhat light package of assets the Penguins gave up, it's a pretty clear illustration of how badly the Maple Leafs wanted to get rid of Kessel.

Rutherford again, this time courtesy of Dejan Kovacevic:
“You can never know with trades. Over time is when you can best judge trades,” Rutherford said. “We got the best player in the trade right now. It usually works out for the team that gets the best player. To not take a lot off our team and to add Kessel, at this point, that gives me personal satisfaction.”

Basically I am just going to spend the next several weeks going, "We got Phil Kessel. We got Phil Kessel!" I am positively giddy, you guys.

Reading Wednesday, 7/1/15

Jul. 1st, 2015 09:15 pm
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What are you currently reading?

The Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, on audio, which I downloaded from the library as soon as I finished The Bone Clocks on CD. Once again, I'm not sure what I'm reading at the start, and I had to google at one point to make sure my copy wasn't missing a section (it wasn't; if you've read this you know what I mean). But sure, Mr. Mitchell, tell me more. I'm still at a very early point...

Skin Game by Jim Butcher, also on audio. Also very early on. Trying this because it's one of the Hugo nominees for Best Novel. See below re: the series it belongs to.

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, in a paperback I bought when the sequel came out, thinking I would need to reread it before venturing into the second book. And I was right. I liked it a lot the first time, and I like it more on rereading because the stuff that took me a long time to get a handle on the first time through (the various cultures the narrator is navigating, the relationship with language, the relationship with gender) is stuff I now understand and underneath is a ripping yarn. I'm about halfway through the reread, it should go fast.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Storm Front by Jim Butcher, the first book in the Dresden series. (Skin Game mentioned above is the 15th). I wanted to read the first book to at least get some grounding before going forward. This was rocky for a few reasons: most notably, the audiobook was obviously really cheaply, poorly produced -- which is funny because I think I first heard of this series when someone mentioned that James Marsters from Buffy was the reader and it's not really him so much as they must have blown their budget on a 'name' actor instead of things like pacing and correcting mistakes and making sure words are pronounced correctly. (He also reads Skin Game and it sounds fine, so there seems to have been a learning curve for all involved).

Re: the book -- I didn't hate it, I wasn't actively turned off by the narrator (maybe because I'd been warned he's kind of a sexist jerk and expected it to be worse.) And it's a very polished, well-plotted book. But it really struck me that (1) absolutely nothing is subtext; the first-person narrator spells out everything that happens and why, in a way that's really not necessary in a plot-driven book that has dialogue and lots of scenes -- everything seems overexplained and there's nothing for the reader to do, if that makes any sense and (2) the book handles stakes poorly; we're told early on that, for various reasons, the narrator expects that he's going to be executed by the magic police or w/e and we keep hearing this over and over again so there's no way for the stakes to escalate. And obviously, even if this weren't a 15 book series, it's very unlikely the first-person narrator/protagonist of this kind of novel is going to die at the end of the book. Plus the character doesn't have any relationships to care about (except with his cat) so between those things there is nothing that's going to happen to this character that I'm going to care about so.... I'm not saying Jim Butcher should have threatened the cat, I'm just saying that would have given me some reason to be following this dude's story. (Yes, there are women in the book who get threatened and harmed but that's a whole other set of issues.)

After I finished the book, I found out that the author wrote it for a writing course when he was 25, which SORT OF explains it not being a great book, but I generally have a lot of affection for first novels by young writers, because I expect them to be messy and raw and not very polished (Dennis Lehane also wrote A Drink Before the War for a writing class when he was in his 20s and that's busting out with excess and weirdness and multipage rants about what 25 year old Dennis Lehane thought was wrong with race relations and social inequality and gentrification in early 90s America, and that's a terrible book in places but parts of it are transcendently great). I don't know the story behind Storm Front but I'd guess a very savvy editor got their hands on it and figured out how to turn it into something that would sell -- which CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE, at least they did their editing, which does not always seem to be the case with commercial fiction that goes on to make a lot of money. (Imagine if the editor of Twilight insisted that it needed an actual plot structure.) (I personally enjoyed reading Twilight much more than I enjoyed reading Storm Front but see above re: me and weird first novels and add my overidentification with Bella Swan.) Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe Butcher was just that good at plotting out of the gate. I find the particular ways that this book doesn't work to be interesting though.

Oh, and I also finished The Bone Clocks. That sure was an ending that novel had, I tell you what.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Ancillary Sword. Or The Goblin Emperor. Or The Three Body Problem. And I should crack The Dark Between the Stars at some point, I suppose. And oh apparently my book club is reading The Goldfinch this month. . .uh, maybe I'll catch up with that in August.


Jul. 1st, 2015 09:38 pm
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I'm hoping to actually settle down and write some fic over the long weekend, since my muse has been semi-cooperating lately. And, well, since they're closing Unnamed Nonprofit at lunchtime tomorrow so I'm having an even longer-than-expected weekend. I made a post over on Tumblr asking for fic prompts (and got some awesome ones), but it's only fair that I post it here too.

So, as I posted over there:
Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars Rebels, and Tolkien in general are most likely to be written. If you have a good prompt for a fandom that I'm familiar with but not as active in at the moment, though, feel free to throw it my way. Who knows? My muse might actually cooperate.

Basically? Give me a prompt, and we'll see what happens. Over on Tumblr, there have been a variety of prompts, but there's been a definite trend toward Dragon Age gen and threesomes as well as Mass Effect femslash. I'm curious to see if that trend continues or if DW/LJ leans toward something else.

I've actually managed to write over 10,000 words in the past few days (spread out over several stories), so the writing does seem to be going fairly well. Apparently it really does work as a good distraction from RL things that a person wants to ignore. Who knew?

I'm melting, I'm melting

Jul. 1st, 2015 11:50 pm
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I'm told it reached 40°C today. IF YOU GET A FEVER THAT HIGH YOU CAN DIE.

I am really not made for these temperatures and neither are my phone and computer, because we all keep overheating and not being able to do anything.

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to adapt soon and so be able to actually do stuff like, you know, reply to all the late comments I have to answer to. I might even start posting once a day in July because I have so much backlog of stuff I want to talk about, you have no idea.

Free agency is upon us

Jul. 1st, 2015 08:24 am
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If we finish out the day with our core four, Olli, and Pouliot still on the roster, I will consider it a successful free agency day.

*aggressively bites nails*

(no subject)

Jul. 1st, 2015 09:30 am
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The weather is not encouraging for outdoor birthday parties for one year olds, but let it not discourage us. Today Isobel is one year old. Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY CANADA DAY to my Canadian flisties.

Books and comics read in June 2015

Jul. 1st, 2015 11:25 am
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Avengers Assemble
Wilful Impropriety edited by Ekaterina Sedia*
Soul Music - Terry Pratchett
Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted?
Rogues edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois*
The Unreal and the Real: Outer Space and Inner Lands (Selected Stories vol 2) - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Agency: A Spy in the House - Y.S. Lee*
All New X-Factor: Axis
Manhunter: Street Justice*
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - Chris Hadfield

Didn't finish: The Road Home - Rose Tremain. reasons )

Rogues gets its own cut because I said something about every story and it got long )

everything else )
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- Weather: my favourite subject! My home reached 23C at 9am this morning and will probably be at least 25C tonight and, no, I don't have any form of air conditioning because British, obv. It'll be hotter than that outside but I don't have to go out today, yay, and the forecast is predicting cooler weather tomorrow. I plan to use the might of the angry Sun Goddess to kill the ice monster that has invaded and occupied my fridge-freezer. The tiny ice giant will be powerless against the onslaught... except in as far as it seems to have the power to pool on my cheap and easily damaged laminate kitchen floor despite my best efforts with bowls and towels &c. BAH! In other news, my water company managed to schedule turning off our water for seven hours on the hottest night of the year so far, lol. Still, at least it was a planned stoppage and they warned us in advance. ::wryface::

- Raveningham Hall (aka Ravi), built 1944, is a Modified Hall Class loco, which means she has a larger superheater than the original Hall Class locos, such as Kinlet Hall (built 1929), and this results in ENTHUSIASTIC ENGINE SOUNDS and VOLCANIC CLOUDS OF STEAM, which is all a bit unnecessary if we're being honest. Note in case you're wondering: Kinlet Hall sounds asymmetrical like a heartbeat, while the Odney Manor (built 1950) doesn't seem to feel the need to indulge in heavy breathing while exercising. I couldn't decide which of the first two image crops I preferred so, again, I decided to let you and flickr tell me. :-)

R2 Raveningham Hall, 6960, Williton, West Somerset Railway 06-15

Three more small images. )

R5 Raveningham Hall, 6960, Stogumber, West Somerset Railway 06-15


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