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I visited the Dartmouth Steam Railway in South Devon. This is a rare heritage railway run entirely by paid professionals, which shows in the efficient way they funnel passengers onto and off trains.

I arrived at Paignton (Queens Park) station on the Dartmouth Steam Railway just as the 1920 built GWR locomotive 4277, nicknamed Hercules, was pulling a carriage named Lady Chatterley out of the station.

Next up was the arrival of the 1950 built BR locomotive 7827, named Lydham Manor, billowing clouds like a chain-smoking dragon. The Manors don't sound quite as dramatic as the Hall Class but I admit I did make for the carriage immediately behind the loco, where I met another female steam enthusiast who was set on recording the engine noises. I didn't notice the name plate on the carriage, although I did spy a Demelza (Poldark presumably, although the website claims the coaches are named after staff members or their female relatives).

1 Lydham Manor 7827, Paignton, Dartmouth Steam Railway 09-16

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9 Historic paddle steamer Kingswear Castle, River Dart 09-16

D&D. Yes, again.

Oct. 20th, 2016 05:40 pm
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Artists are amazing. ♥

Remember the first piece of lovely artwork that I linked to featuring my halfling cleric Ali? And the second piece of art as well?

Well, there's now a third. ♥

Reading Thursday

Oct. 20th, 2016 09:42 pm
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What did you finish reading


Tumulte à Rome, by Odile Weulersse: SECRET TWIN MISTAKEN IDENTITY SHENANIGANDURING THE SECOND PUNIC WAR. This is relevant to many of my interests. One of the twins (the Roman one) has the world's biggest crush on Hannibal, it's sweet. To the point where other people comment on it, even. I could have done without the weird epilogue, but other than that an enjoyable read. (It was a paper book loaned to me by a friend -- who knows me so well.)

More stuff I finished and didn't talk about )

What are you reading now

Have made no progress on:

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne
Paris fais nous peur: 100 lieux du crime, de l'étrange et de l'irrationnel, by Claudine Hourcadette et Marc Lemonier

Warhorses by Yusef Komunyakaa: Unpopular opinion time! Free/blank verse is not poetry. That said, I quite like the prose in this. "Sweetheart, was I talking war in my sleep / again?" OUCH.

La Controverse de Valladolid by Jean-Claude Carrière: This is a book about the Valladolid debate (aka "are Native Americans people? The Catholic Church debates"). It's a short-ish, somewhat fictionalised retelling of the debate. It's an interesting, yet infuriating book, because the question of what being human means is an interesting one but not in this context because OF COURSE THEY'RE PEOPLE FFS WHY IS THIS A DEBATE so it's infuriating. So far I have only read up to the end of the pro-people opening argument. I expect to be even more infuriated.

The author did in the opening raise the excellent point that the 'discovery' of the Americas was basically the same as a "first contact with aliens" situation, inasmuch as neither side knew anything about the other.

What are you reading next

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Title: Welcome to New York
Fandom: MCU (Agent Carter season 1 (plus one clip from season 2), Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, Agents of Shield)
Character/Pairing: Peggy Carter
Music: Taylor Swift
Content notes: Some bright gunfire flashes
Summary: "It's been waiting for you."
Notes: This vid was BESET by technical difficulties but FINALLY it is DONE. \o/
Download: here (3:33 minutes, 155MB) | subtitle .srt
Also at: AO3 | Tumblr

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Regarding all the AO3 bashing...

Oct. 20th, 2016 01:22 pm
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I've been seeing bits and bobs floating past on Twitter over the last few days about a wankery situation happening on Tumblr around AO3 (and the existence of "olds" in fandom, heh). It's...a little rage inducing.

If you want to get some good discussion and a bit of background, this post by [personal profile] cereta has some fantastic discussion in the comments about all the issues. From what I can gather we have:

1) Horror at olds in fandom. ie. those of us over thirty. Just...yeah.

2) Fury that AO3 won't let people report fics and get them deleted for abuse/homophobia/whatever. I.e. AO3 will not let them censor content of fics. And by abuse, they mean anything with non con/rape. Fics where canonically gay characters are in mixed-gender pairings. Fics with underage content, which they often define in...interesting ways. They'd be horrified by the Buffy/Giles fic of my youth, that's all I'll say.

3) Some of those young fans apparently thinking Strikethrough was a good thing, because it got the ball rolling on kicking out abusive fic.

I'll wait for you to all stop face palming and hitting your heads on desks.

*muzac plays*

*ticky clock appears*

*refreshments are distributed*


AO3 was built in response to Strikethrough, as a place where fic couldn't be censored in that way. It was built as a place where fandom could own the servers and we weren't beholden to the whims of advertisers and private site owners. Where fics couldn't be deleted at the behest of one person, or one company, because something in it wasn't to their taste. Where the rule "don't like, don't read" would reign supreme.

(One of the specific things I've seen on some of the Tumblr posts is a complaint that "don't like, don't read" might be great for the olds, but waarghbl it's not good enough for me! It exists! It hurts my soul! I might read it despite the warnings and tags and that's not fair! *sigh*)

As long as appropriate warnings (or "choose not to warn") are used--and violating that can get a fic reported and the abuse team will take action--then AO3 won't censor. They won't censor for bad grammar and spelling, no matter how much we wish they would, and they definitely won't make anyone take down their Derek/Stiles fic, or their Ianto/Gwen fic, or their sex pollen non-con Doctor/Missy fic. It was set up that way, because today's "icky non-con, ban it!" fic is tomorrow's "omg teh gays, make it go away!" fic.

Us olds remember the old days. The days when you had to label all slash--even when it was just hand-holding--as NC17 and plaster it with warnings. The days when only certain archives accepted slash at all, and you could get your FFN account or LJ suspended if someone objected to your boy kissing fics, so everything was locked down under f-lock or posted to the adult slash-friendly archives with a thousand warning pop-ups. The days when RPF was never to be spoken of because almost no archive accepted it. The days when we all danced around carefully because at any moment, our favourite fics could be deleted and never seen again if a site advertiser threatened to withdraw funding.

Trust me, that was not a good time. Everyone freaked out about Strikethrough because it was the start of a slippery slope. Nothing deleted was illegal, even though it wasn't to many people's taste, and it was only matter of time before they came after the less problematic stuff.

I may not like what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it (or read/write/art it) to the death.

I think there's a multi-layered problem. Fandom has splintered since the Strikethrough days, and we've all wandered off to different places. Back when I entered fandom, we all lived on the same mailing lists and LJs. Us babies (I was a mere twenty...which wasn't that young, actually) and the "olds" together. We all inhabited the same spaces and the newbies to fandom learned about the old ways, the old history, from the more experienced fandom people. And the newbies opened the eyes of the older fans to some things, too, which caused ructions but enabled us all to learn and change.

Current fandom has splintered and seems to have broken into generational buckets. The youngest part of fandom is on Tumblr and Snapchat. The older part of fandom is on Tumblr a bit, but not much, and many of us have stepped a long way back from it because we're made so unwelcome. We're still here on LJ, DW, Twitter, and Imzy, where the youngs aren't so much. Due to those divides, there isn't that interaction and mutual learning, so the younger fanfolk don't know the history. They don't know why AO3 exists and why we're so passionate about not censoring it. They've never had to creep around on the edges of fandom because they were slashers, or RPF-ers, or wrote explicit fics after FFN banned them.

The divide is also contributing to the feeling that anyone over thirty shouldn't be fannish anymore, and I suspect that's part of the AO3 wankery. There aren't many people from that very young end of the fandom involved with the OTW or AO3, so it feels like the olds run it. We created it, we fundraised for it, we continue to work on it and we're old, by their standards. We should have shuffled off to our graveyards or our adult lives or something.

Except we haven't, because when we were the fandom babies, there were all these fans older than us who were still active and we learned we'll never be too old for fandom. With the divide getting so sharp between the youngest and everyone else, they're not getting that part of the fannish experience, either. They can't imagine being thirty (or forty, or fifty), never mind being that age and still being in fandom.

You've also got the problem that Tumblr-style activism is very different from what we were doing five or ten years ago. It's all about protecting young eyes not just from the content, but from knowing the content is even there. About removing it so it doesn't need to be thought of. For them, "don't like, don't read" isn't enough. They don't want anyone to read it or see it or write it.

When AO3 was first being set up, there were huge arguments over whether warnings should be mandatory. A lot of people are still annoyed that major warnings are mandatory and that their only option, if they don't like warnings and have warnable content in the work, is to use a tag that's basically a buyer beware notice. The kids screaming about AO3's refusal to remove works because they don't like the content would hate a version of AO3 without those warnings.

Hint: it's what fanfic was like for most of us and it's why we still hold to the "don't like, don't read" principle. Hell, AO3 makes that one doable now! I haven't read surprise!rape in years because I don't read anything with "choose not to warn" on. The existence of fic that contains stuff I don't like does not harm me because I don't have to read it. The existence of stuff that's triggery for some people doesn't harm them as long as warnings are used, because they don't have to read it. Having warnings and tags enables people to avoid those fics and even filter them out of searches so they don't have to see them. It's the beauty of AO3.

In the end, the people screaming on Tumblr about AO3 unfairly refusing to censor its content aren't going to get anywhere (hopefully). The worst they can do is refuse to donate to the OTW and boycott the archive. I doubt they donate anyway, and boycotting seems like a "cutting off their noses to spite their faces" move, although I imagine a few will. I doubt that a few dozen people boycotting will change AO3s policy, though. AO3 isn't in danger, but the shouting on Tumblr is alternately rage-inducing, face-palm worthy, and ridiculous, because it's so unnecessary.

If they get really mad, though, they could go away and set up an archive of their own. One where they own the servers and get like-minded fans to help them run and fund the project. Hmm, I wonder what they could call it...

Dear Festividder Letter

Oct. 20th, 2016 03:25 pm
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Placeholder, hi, nothing to see here yet!
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What I Just Finished Reading
Peter Davison's autobiography: Is There Life Outside the Box?. It wasn't just about his time on Doctor Who, which was good because that would have been boring - which he agrees with at the beginning, talking about writing the book. It was interesting, hearing about his life and jobs he did and how and why they came about. There was an amusing bit when he met the real-life Siegfried and Tristan for tea and there was an incident that was just like how they were in the books and the TV series. It says everything about how little I read description that he mentioned that the books describe Tristan as being short and dark (like his real-life counterpart). I had no idea...

What I'm Currently Reading
The Sadlers Wells books, backwards. I started because I was tired and wanted to read something easy and since I've read the late books less often, I started at the end. I'm halfway through and it's getting a bit samey now. It's a pity it's not in the Yuletide tag set, as I'd be all set for writing it!

What I'm Reading Next
Swim, Bike, Run by Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee. I like autobiographies and I'm not quite over the summer of sport yet. Or the summer yet. Even the tennis season has nearly finished and they stop for less than two months!

Mirrored from my blog.

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- Reading, books 2016, 174

162. Shell, by Olive Senior, 2007, is a themed collection of poetry. The history herein is 4/5, but the poetry is only an average 3/5 for me, although that doesn't matter because I'm neither of the intended audiences. My favourite poem is Shell, about contact with the past through archaeology and histories and direct communication via genes and/or spirits, and there are three quotes from other poems below.... (3.5/5)

• Extract from The Song That It Sings, by Olive Senior

tonight, I feel a hemispheric sadness: the
New World as tired as the rest. And there’s
a waterlogged moon getting ready to burst

like the gourd that spilled an ocean when
the seeker, like myself, disobeyed, took it
down from where it hung by a thread,

dropped and broke it. So how were we
to know that from it seas would stream
forth, bringing three ships with our eclipse:

the Black Sun? Yet how but by disobedience
can we change the world order? So what if
all we are left with is a sieve to carry water?

We can use it to fish up a poem or two
to sail from our flagpoles. [...]

• Far from Kun-Lun
the crane's legs tied

I swallow the unfamiliar
with each breath.

• the place where I house a knot
where memory thickens and pearls.

165. Oracabessa, by Lorna Goodison, meaning GoldenHead, 2013, is more award-winning poetry from this Jamaican-born but far-travelled poet and artist. Very much a segmented collection and I personally preferred the first half but many people will find as much to enjoy in the later sections. There's an exceptionally honest poem about some of the racism inculcated by Christian missionaries. Another travel poem includes the only occasion on which I've laughed aloud at the words "it was all very Ingmar Bergman." (4/5)

• On Spanish bulls bred for bullfighting: "sleek as leather sofas"

• I value my silent days. In the ground of my being
I have raised a small one-room wattle and daub hermitage.

166. Five Fields, by Gillian Clarke, 1998, more poetry from this excellent Welsh poet. (3.5/5)

• ice in slate = "chisels of glass"

• In the great grey tank of the sea
muscular river and sea-currents flex
and the Severn's wrestle of waters
cracks two shores open.

• My father opened blackout curtains,
switched all the lights on,
and house after house across Europe
set fire to the dark.
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OKAY, THAT'S THE LAST OF IT. Guys, guys, we survived all of the BL manga!\o/ Good job, us! And I have finally escaped the post that
would not die, goodness me!

Reminder, things on the list with an asterisk next to it contain rape, dubious consent, and/or sexual assault.

Books, Graphic Novels and Manga Read:
  1. Gerard & Jacques Volume One by Fumi Yoshinaga * [Jump]

  2. Gerard & Jacques Volume Two by Fumi Yoshinaga * [Jump]

  3. Vinland Saga Volume Two by Makoto Yukimura * [Jump]

  4. Step Aside, Pops by Kate Beaton [Jump]

  5. Shut In, Shut Out by Lianne Sentar and dee Juusan [Jump]

  6. Hawkeye Volume One by Matt Faction and David Aja [Jump]

  7. The Rings of Saturn by Kaiju [Jump]

  8. Mahou Josei Chimaka by Kaiju [Jump]

  9. Windrose Volume One by Studio Kosen [Jump]

  10. Orange Junk Volume One by Heldrad [Jump]

  11. Starve Volume One by Brian Wood [Jump]

  12. The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson [Jump]

Read more... )

Reading Challenges

Books read so far: 98/150 (12 new this post)
New-to-me female creators: 44/100 (4 new this post.)
#unofficialqueerasfuckbookclub: 5 (Gerard & Jacques Volumes 1 and 2, Mahou Josei Chimaka, Starve, The Assignment)

Sidetracks - October 20, 2016

Oct. 20th, 2016 12:10 am
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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag.

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This recommendation post is brought to you by our Patreon supporters! They voted on topics and selected "Childhood favorites that weren't visited by the Suck Fairy (they're still good!)." Thanks very much to them for participating. :)
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A rough couple of weeks, flist, but the biggest deadlines are past now. A meme, to celebrate? Apparently this is the "one-word" meme, though I had to fudge in a couple cases. Text box below, if you want to give it a whirl yourself. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] alisanne and [livejournal.com profile] akatnamedeaster!

1. Where is your cell phone? Nearby
2. Your hair? Damp (still!)
3. Your dad? Terse
4. Your other half? Cooking
5. Your favourite food? Donuts
6. Your dream last night? Vivid
7. Your favourite drink? Tea
8. Your dream/goal? Retirement
9. What room you are in? Living/dining/main
10. Your hobby? Fandom, of course!
11. Your fear? Mice/rats
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Employed
13. Where were you last night? Chicago
14. Something that you aren't? Asleep (yet)
15. Muffins? Yes (please!)
16. Wish list item? Bok choy
17. Where you grew up? California
18. Last thing you did? Commute
19. What are you wearing now? Jammies
20. Your TV? = computer
21. Your pets? Nonexistent
22. Friends? Appreciated
23. Your life? Good
25. Missing someone? Yes
26. Car? Trains!
27. Something you're not wearing? Many hats
28. Your favourite store? Grocery
29. Your favourite color? Blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? Tonight
31. Last time you cried? August
32. Who will redo this? Sorry?
33. One place that you go to over and over? My mistakes
34. One person who emails me regularly? Partner
35. My favourite place to eat? Couch


Oct. 19th, 2016 07:48 pm
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My Tuesday night D&D game started last night, and I think that it went fairly well. We're still getting a feel for each other's characters (and, in the case of those of us who also play together on Friday nights, trying to remember that we're playing different characters - although the horrible accents helped on that front), but overall it was a lot of fun.

I think my favorite part was our tiny gnome wizard announcing in a pretty spot-on Yoda voice: "Fuck that guy up, you did."

Considering said voice came out of nowhere? When everything else he'd said during the game had been in a really bad Irish accent? It cracked everyone up for a bit.

That said, I'm definitely going to have to poke the others a bit when it comes to remembering what pronouns to use for my character. I've been feeling a bit more androgynous than usual lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a gender-neutral character. The others keep forgetting not to use "she" (or occasionally "he"), though, so... yeah. If nothing else, Tor might end up knocking a couple of them over the head if they keep it up.
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We're super happy to welcome regular Lady Business contributor Jenny back to discuss some awesome nonfiction recommendations. \o/

My middle sister, one of the most voracious readers I’ve ever met, told me recently that she’s completely stopped reading fiction. "I just don’t enjoy it anymore," she said to me super-casually even though this is, like, my nightmare. I read more nonfiction than I used to, and I’m worried that I’ll wake up one morning and find that I, like my cleverest sister, have just stopped enjoying fiction.

But that’s…not likely, right? And also kind of a dark, Christoper-Nolan-y way to open a nonfiction rec list. Let me put it to you this way: I only entertain the possibility of this fiction-free future because I am aware of how phenomenally great nonfiction can be. As we head into fall and embrace that back-to-school vibe, here’s a list of some excellent nonfiction to entertain, educate, and astound you. Read more... )

Phew. That was a lot of nonfiction. I believe I’ll go read a book about aliens having space adventures now, as a palate-cleanser.

Pinch Hits

Oct. 19th, 2016 01:17 pm
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Still looking for someone for #13.

Due 26 October.
Claim by replying to the linked post, or via e-mailing the mods. Remember to include your AO3 name.

Pinch Hit #15: American Horror Story: Coven, Damien (TV), Once Upon a Time (TV), Swingtown, The West Wing, The Wicked Years Series - Gregory Maguire

Pinch Hit

Oct. 18th, 2016 07:24 pm
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Still looking for someone for #13 (now due 25 October).

Due: 25 October
Claim by replying to the linked page or by e-mailing the mods. Please include your AO3 name.

Pinch Hit #14: The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Stand Still Stay Silent, Ghostbusters (2016), Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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 photo waww-banner_zpswrcnjjc2.png

What's a Word Worth is a new column by [personal profile] justira about the mechanics of writing. In this column, I examine the actual writing of every single book I read, focusing on how it conveys meaning and whether the writing works for me as an editor, reader, and fellow writer. My analysis will be based on the Peircian semiotic framework, explained in the first few posts of the column.

We're here! I'm finally going to talk about how metaphors work! Let's do this!

Welcome to the fourth post in my introductory series for this column. The first four posts will introduce readers to Peircian semiotics, which is the framework I use to analyze writing. If you're new to this column, please check the first, second, and third posts in this series. If you're following along live and are returning after a week away, you might benefit from taking a look at the review section of the previous post.

One More Trichotomy: Hypoicons(1)

This is the last trichotomy, I promise! It's also the one with all the good stuff in it.


There are actually three types of icons. Read more... )


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