Torri Higginson in new CBC series

Oct. 6th, 2015 08:07 am
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It'll take forever to get this, if at all, but Torri Higginson has a new series! It is, however, guaranteed to be traumatic and depressing, as she's playing a single mother diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Torri Higginson on challenges of emotional new CBC series This Life

No looking back as Torri Higginson takes the lead in CBC drama This Life

The second link contains a trailer for those who want to watch it.

On the other hand, she can totally handle the role. But I might just wait until after her character dies to watch any of it. I'm not sure I want to watch another of her characters die on-screen without being spoiled all to hell.
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- Art for Black History Month: watercolour attributed to Edward Francis Burney (1760-1848), depicting sailors in a pub with nautical decorations, presumably dancing a hornpipe to the music of the Black violinist (who has a wooden leg and is therefore probably a retired sailor). I've posted Burney's work before.

Sailors in a pub, attributed to Edward Francis Burney (1760-1848)

- Mince pies: I bought and ate my first mince pies of the xmas season in September so anyone who disapproves of mince pies that are shop-bought rather than homemade, or mince pies that exist outside Advent, can blame me for feeding the despicable trade in seasonal fruit pies!!1!!

- Reading, books 2015, 117.

117. Mary Ann in Autumn, by Armistead Maupin, #8 of the Tales of the City series (warning for mentions of child abuse, in the novel not this review, amongst other things). I read this series at least as far as Significant Others (#5) many years ago. I don't remember if I read Sure of You (#6), and I definitely didn't read Michael Tolliver Lives (#7) because it hadn't been published. I picked this up at the library after a slightly random online rec and I'm glad I did because I found it compulsive reading. Despite correctly anticipating most of the plot twists I still couldn't put the novel down. Well written, determinedly middle brow, soap opera, with good characterisation of the ensemble cast, even pacing, and somewhat outré plots. This would make a perfect end to the series so I might not read #9 unless a #10 appears. (4.5/5 not suitable for overly-defensive Christians or easily riled social conservatives)

• Quote: She tried to pretend that her pain wasn't portable, that she was still capable of starting over, still the sort of woman who could be saved by geography.
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We have a start date for the next round of Casual Job! I go back to the office in the second week of November, which is later than usual; I'd guess that means I'll be working for about five weeks (since the autumn chunk of work is nearly always significantly shorter than the spring one), but I'm far from confident about that. What happens, happens.
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Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Verse Depicts Cacophonous Abode of Gods

I'm sure that those in the field have heard about this, as there was a paper published in 2014, but I hadn't heard about it before, and I'm very excited. I need to buy an updated version of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Yes, for the twenty extra lines.
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It's been a slow reading week, but we've been a little busy at Lady Business HQ and I've been watching a lot of TV and film: Agents of SHIELD, Xena, Star Wars, and The Martian (which was great). I'm still hoping to make my goal of 100 books this year, so fingers crossed I can get back on track for next week!

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Vids and whatnot

Oct. 5th, 2015 09:08 pm
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Did you know, and I kid you not, that's there's an entire ~90mns musical based on Andrew Wiles' solving of Fermat's Last Theorem? It's called Fermat's Last Tango and you can watch it on youtube. It's surprisingly catchy as well as entertaining and moving. I'm quite impressed by the fact that there are only 7 actors for the whole play. I appreciated the attention paid to the maths -- because that could have made or broken the musical and it made it. I just really like that it's basically all about how maths is awesome. (And I find the references to Évariste Galois, really a propos, for several reasons.) Also, it's funny: "How did you get in my attic? Not to mention, this century?" Look, there's an entire musical number on the beauty of numbers, okay, I am weak in front of this sort of thing.

Speaking of being weak in the face of SCIENCE! Can I introduce you to Ambition, a SF short film made by the European Space Agency (ESA)? It's fucking gorgeous and science-y and hopeful and amazing and wonderful and awesome in the purest sense of those terms: that creates wonder, that causes awe. It's about an Apprentice and her Master and the Rosetta mission. If you've read Mike Carey's Lucifer comic, you'll know what I mean when I say it reminded me of issue 58 (The Yahweh Dance). If you haven't, it's about... Actually, it's lasts about 5mns, excluding credits, so there's no point in spoiling it. Here you go!

Yeah, I've been browsing the yuletide fandom promotion post. It's also brought me Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (2003) - Short Film, an adorable short film about Yu Ming who learns Irish to move to Ireland and escape his dreary life in China. You may notice a slight flaw in this plan. Happy ending, though!

While I was browsing the yuletide fandom promotion post, I also found this lovely little music video. It's very cute.

I keep thinking about all the things I didn't think to mention in that one Arthuriana post...

Merlin fic recs

Oct. 4th, 2015 09:47 pm
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Rectober: share the magic
banner by [ profile] capitu

Okay, so I guess a bunch of people are doing recs this month. Yay recs! I said I would do a recs post every weekend and here we are at the end of the weekend so here goes!

A couple months ago I wrote a little ficlet of a modern AU where magic is regulated by the government and drug companies, and I was reflecting that I love these kinds of AUs with a passion and wish they would get written more. Most Merlin fics are either canon-era with magic banned or modern AUs without magic, and of course there are many other variations but DAMN, MODERN AUS WITH MAGIC ARE THE BEST.*

  • My all-time favorite, as many of you could probably guess, is the 2010 classic 125K fic Arcane Asylum by [ profile] new_kate. It starts with Arthur, who's been framed for a magical crime, going into a prison for magic users that's mostly been taken over by the inmates and especially by the most powerful wizard among them, Merlin. There is some threatened non-con early on and then there is an epic Arthur/Merlin love affair and adventure. This fic, as they say, gives me all the feelings. To be honest my favorite parts are not the main plot of the story but the flashbacks to Merlin's childhood and the way his mother tried to protect him, then to his youth on the run before he got caught. It seems to me that these parts of a very strong "magic as metaphor for gayness" feel and that has always been one of my favorite things about this fandom and I love it. Then also much later in the fic there's the amazing Arthur/Sophia noncon flashback. The podfic I made of it in 2012 is by far the longest podfic I've ever made -- it sort of took me six months -- and I imagine you can sort of hear my voice flagging in the second half and then picking up again when Sophia shows up. Anyway, the whole thing is glorious really and if you came in later or just somehow never got around to this I recommend it most highly. As an anon once commented on my podfic, "this is such a satisfying fic! it is the thanksgiving meal of fanfiction."

  • Here is another old favorite: Seasons by [profile] wangler who used to go by another name though I'm not sure we're supposed to connect them. This is another long (40K) Arthur/Merlin fic with some other pairings mixed in. It is really good for crying though at times it will cut away when you are wanting to see more. Besides loving this fic in a way that makes me feel like a mess all over the floor I really admire it for the way the author shows us little pieces of the universe through tiny details, like Nimueh telling the paramedics that Merlin is Class Four even though his driver's license says two. That is just fabulous. For a while I thought I would make a multi-voice podfic of this and I even recorded the Merlin parts years ago so if you want to do Arthur let me know and I'll see if I can salvage those files. *sigh*

  • Okay so then later this summer a few weeks after I wrote that ficlet we were leaving prompts for each other on Team Gluttony and [ profile] lady_ragnell wrote me this gorgeous little piece of Hunith and Freya gen with background Freya/Merlin, Forget the World. And I thought wow, Hunith and Freya and modern AU with illegal magic my life cannot get any better, and then...

  • A few days later I got the notification that my new friend [ profile] polomonkey had posted a new fic called In Spite of Everything, the Stars and oh it was just 82249 words of Arthur/Merlin tagged Kidnapping and Hurt/Comfort and Alternate Universe - Modern With Magic. On top of the fantastic story this has really gorgeous artwork by [ profile] mushroomtale and I just got to sink into a really long fic and read all weekend in a way that I have not done with a Merlin fic probably in years. Part of what was so fun was squeeing about it on Twitter and realizing that other people who barely read Merlin fic anymore were just as excited and it was so satisfying and good.

  • (*omg if you are my [ profile] merlin_holidays writer or artist and you are freaking out because you already started making something for one of my other requests please don't worry, when I say "the best" here I really just mean "awesome" but I also feel that magic reveals are the best and gen is the best and kink exploration is the best and so on.)

    Anyway yay recs! If you would like to feel responsible for doing a certain number of recs posts this month you can go tell [ profile] birdsofshore or else you can just start making some recs posts!
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    Note: I know very little in the way of spoilers for this series, but I do mention casting for episodes that haven't aired yet, so anyone who is avoiding that sort of thing should probably skip this post.

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    Let's talk shit about television!

    Oct. 4th, 2015 10:05 pm
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    I am watchin Keeper of Traken, so far it is great even though Nyssa. S18 is probably one of my favourites because it all fits together thematically and shit like that. I don't want to be batshit but Romana leaves and then the Doctor dies, that might mean something. Not "I MUST DIE FOR LOVE" but something where their epic love was his youth and with her gone he loses his illusions of "forever" and so on. I always interpret the Watcher as being Four having lived beyond the point where he should have regenerated, and then I wonder what was supposed to kill him that didn't?

    Oh yeah also S18 is why I get annoyed when fanboys send Romana back to Gallifrey to be preseident because a) Romana would be awful at that because she'd actually want to change things and b) she had to leave the universe for the space to be her own self why would she come back and go home anyway? I get more annoyed when they make her evil though.

    Now the Doctor has met Tremas, who is unfortunate in that his name is an anagram of "Master" and that dooms him. But anyway I like the bit near the beginning where the Keeper explains the backstory to save time. There's something so wonderfully brazen about that.

    Adric is not bad in this. Adric is > Nyssa anyway because Adric at least has a personality even if that personality is "untrustworthy stuck-up little shit." I wish he'd change his clothes occasionally though.
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    No one is more surprised than me that I am back on board the Agents of SHIELD train for Season 3. But the second half of Season 2 managed to be fairly compelling television even though I was furious about the midseason finale. There was a narrative that we don't often see between mothers and daughters and the fracturing of Coulson's iron grip on what SHIELD will become in the future. I'm still on Team "Burn it Down" Rogers, but unfortunately it seems like the MCU as a whole has decided that what we should take away from The Winter Soldier isn't caution, but instead a deference to people with powers and skills, because they know best how to deal with large scale alien or super powered threats. The reborn SHIELD seems to be picking up all the same old bad habits, leaving the whole world vulnerable to the impending struggle to fill that power vacuum and claim control. Anyway, politics are complicated and I made a C in Civics, so I'm not too qualified to talk on that point. I'm just here for the feelings. Read more... )
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    I am on the umpteenth attempt to make it to the AU bits of Inferno, I'm just going to give up now okay? I think I made it there once, I remember Benton being evil a bit so I must have seen it at some point. It's just... so Pertwee-Era that it's not even fun? Whatever, I do appreciate that later episodes refer back to fire as the Third Doctor's big fear but not enough to actually force myself to sit through Inferno.

    I know Inferno is v rated but I preferred Planet of the Spiders, idk why except it was like a regeneration should be in that Doctors should die of specific flaws not just because they fell off something* or like how Eleven dies of not being able to count to thirteen.** Though I suppose being killed for shoplifting a shiny rock is a bit harsh.

    *though actually Four gets a really good death with themes and shit like that and also you can get into the argument of "did he fall or did he let go because of Adric?"

    ** a MoffatWho thing that bugs me is when I have to forget the events of the preceeding episode for the current one to make any sense. RTD usually gave you at least a calendar year before retconnning people into relationships that never happened, ffs!

    Doctor Who: Under The Lake

    Oct. 4th, 2015 12:02 am
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    Just one thing:

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