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Jul. 24th, 2014 06:19 pm
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the unlit room - Endverse AU: Kevin, Jo, and Cas raid an abandoned hospital for supplies, and find something they don’t expect.

Someone wrote me Kevin and Jo and Castiel in the Endverse. :D Endverse makes everything better, say I. This is very moody and full of atmosphere as they search the abandoned hospital. It's from Kevin's POV, and he spends the occasional moment wondering what the deal is with this Cas guy, anyway.

So it's good, and it's mine, and you should read it.
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But I just turned in my bbb wave 3 draft, which is nice. The story is nowhere near postable, but it's an acceptable draft for turning in.

Going to try to finish one of the overly emotional Mikeyfics I have in progress before I go back to fleshing out and polishing up. Switch things up a little.

xoxo I hope you are all well.

On the plus side Georgia is cute

Jul. 24th, 2014 06:56 pm
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I spent actual worrying amounts of time thinking about this today.

all that is wrong with the doctor's daughter )

I expect I've said all this before, but sod it.

Girl meets nature...

Jul. 24th, 2014 01:30 pm
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I'm in vacation this week in a place where I've already seen a deer, a black bear and bear cub, and a twenty-minute hail storm. The better half (who, it turns out, is significantly more in shape than I am) keeps promoting this think called "hiking." And there's very little internet.

Surprisingly, it's been fun, but it feels like an alternate universe.

Hope you're all well!
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I don't have part one of this story, but I seen it years ago and also it's Voyager, so... yeah.

voyager: scorpion pt 2 )
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- Doing, macro for the lolz: auto-Godwinning lolz in honour of the upcoming Hugo Awards… amongst other things. Science fiction fandom: tomorrow belongs to us them!!1!!* D’ya think it’s TOO SUBTLE?! ;-)

Sci fi fandom macro

* Historical spoiler: "tomorrow" didn't belong to them. [insert fascist-a-like "them" of your choice, obv, and let ironies abound!]

- Reading, science fiction: in ttly unrelated news, what's the current betting on the Tiptree Awards being presented at a con other than Wiscon real soon now?

- Watching, Mabel’s Blunder, 1914, 18mins, a dull and overlong silent rom com made as a vehicle for movie star Mabel Normand who, alas, exhibits none of her trademark madcap charm. There’s some very tame cross-dressing and the fashions are fabulous (srsly, I’d wear any of the women’s outfits) but apart from that it’s one unbelievably stupid plot device dragged out for 18 mostly dull minutes. I never thought I’d find a Mabel Normand film dull!

- Watching, The Water Nymph aka The Beach Flirt, 1912, 8mins, another Mabel Normand vehicle, this time with Mack Sennett and the ever watchable Ford Sterling, in a film that probably only exists to show a woman in a bathing suit diving (which had already been done better before). Although I did like the line: "Out of the cocoon flew the graceful mermaid." Lol.

- Reading, 1926 West Coast USian slang: "If I wasn’t a lady I’d belt you in the beezer y’ big bo-hunk!" \o/

- So, what are you doing, thinking, wondering about, reading, watching, making, or writing, that you don't usually post about?

comics read: Storm, Saga

Jul. 23rd, 2014 07:11 pm
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Wow, it's been at least a month since I did one of these. I'm hoping to get back up to speed now.

Storm #1 )

Saga #21 )

On women characters and romance

Jul. 23rd, 2014 07:53 pm
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Over on my journal, I wrote up some rough thoughts on women characters, romantic subplots, and the way fandom reacts to them. (Basic conclusion: not great.)

Over here.

Reading, rereading, and rewrites

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:43 pm
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I'm not properly doing a reading meme tonight, but I've been getting more books read this month than I have in ages, which is awesome. (I've just started my eighth or ninth novel of the month, depending on whether one factors in the new Newsflesh novella.)

Really, I probably shouldn't have started the new book until I read the next chunk of Feed so I can comment on it tomorrow at [community profile] aftertheendtimes, but we're coming up to one of the parts of the series that upsets me most*, so I think maybe I subconsciously put it off. >.> So I'll have to read and write about it tomorrow. Because it's so much better that way.

*I have a list. Some days I think it's a little weird that my favorite series shatters my heart in so many places/ways. Other days I feel like it's more that that's a key element.

Anyway, in a freak development, the current book (The Girl With All the Gifts) is a book I own, rather than a library book. I got to actually go stand in front of the physical to-read bookcase in the living room and choose something!

In highly relevant news, I've crossed the 300-book mark on my list of library holds. O_O (305, to be precise, not counting the three that are waiting to be picked up tomorrow--although all three of those are graphic novels.)

And speaking of counting things...I've now been hanging out at over 300 open tabs for long enough that it apparently feels normal (although I don't like it). I've been putting a fair bit of time into whittling away at them in the last few days, alongside my work, and have gotten down open tabs. *facepalm* Although I've also managed to do a fair bit of sorting, so my main group is down to only about two and a half rows of tabs (last week it was usually more like eight or nine rows).

On the work front, I think I have five rewrites due by September 1. And three lettered volumes to proofread within the next week. O_o (Some deadline adjustment may happen there. That'd be nice.) Combine that with the fact that I'll be in Ontario for two and a half weeks next month, and things start to feel a little tight. But I'm still hoping to get at least somewhat ahead before I fly out. That's just over a week away, and things will be fairly quiet on the home front between now and then. We'll see.
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- Reading, a stranger on a train, with whom I had a random-ish conversation about literature and philosophy, gave me this quote from Roald Amundsen to take away (literally - it was printed on a slip of paper): "Seier venter den, som har alt i orden - held kalder man det. Nederlag er en absolutt følge for den, som har forsømt at ta de nødvendige forholdsregler i tide - uheld kaldes det" (Victory awaits him who has everything in order - luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck). I disagree but it's a tidy soundbite.

- Watching, Song of Summer, 1968, the bio-doc of Eric Fenby’s relationship with Frederick and Jelka Delius directed by Ken Russell and written with Eric Fenby. This is another story showing a determined and dedicated woman as essential for a Great Man’s success: he does the art while she does EVERYTHING else (although Jelka also suggested poetry to inspire Delius and translated it when necessary!). Jelka Delius, played brilliantly by Maureen Pryor, is rarely offscreen and when she’s physically absent she’s either being talked about by the other characters or her paintings of powerful female nudes are overlooking them (ETA: symbolically, at least, afaik Russell didn't have her actual paintings... like Delius didn't specifially own Munch's Scream), which is an image presumably derived partly from Jelka’s oil portrait of Frederick Delius in which she depicted him with a painted female nude looking over his shoulder and with both models in echoing postures: hand cupping face. The other actors in Song of Summer, especially Christopher Gable as Eric Fenby (Delius’ amanuensis), are also very good (although we shall gloss over Russell’s cameo selfie as a Catholic priest shamelessly shagging a girl in a church pew). The Percy Grainger sequence, set to Grainger’s music, is lolarious. I also loved the extremely casual mention of Fenby’s severe mental illness, "After the party I had a complete nervous breakdown" [with the implied subtext ~but life goes on~] accompanied by the depiction of empathetic manpain from genuinely trying circumstances. Song of Summer is an outstandingly excellent bio-doc-film, often credited as Russell’s best, and I’ve definitely seen it before but it didn’t stick in my mind then and I don’t think it will now. I only have Russell’s Debussy (65) and Rousseau (65) films left to watch out of the 1960s BBC art bio-docs cos the Bartok (64) isn’t online. So far Song of Summer (68) is probably the best film, but I preferred the accomplished simplicity of the Elgar (62) and the OTT silent movie style shenanigans of Isadora (66). I’m going to end up watching The Music Lovers too aren’t I? SOMEONE STOP ME, PLZ!

- Watching, mannequins + a man, because I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of failing to post equal opportunity nudity (nsfw) after linking to Jelka Rosen’s painting.

- So, what are you doing, thinking, wondering about, reading, watching, making, or writing, that you don't usually post about?
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cover and metadata )

I have a serious thing for companion animals stories. I still love His Dark Materials (and all associated AU fanfic), Zoo City was amazing, and Temeraire meets the qualifications even if I tend to prefer the non-fantasy animal side of things most of the time. This book should have been right up my alley! Bioengineered humans and animals connected via mental link! A pleasure planet created before a war tore apart an entire space-faring civilization. A planet that's lost to history! The technology that made the planet so palatable to people who wanted to challenge themselves by experiencing "serious" wilderness adventures destroyed! Until someone finds it.

I should have loved this book. Disappointed. :( Read more... )


Jul. 22nd, 2014 06:29 pm
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I reached episode 7 of Hemlock Grove season 1 yesterday, and I’m SO PISSED OFF.

spoilers. Horrible, horrible spoilers. )

Good enough, just not transcendental

Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:12 pm
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That's it, I'm done. I've reached the pinnacle of my professional ambition of the past three years - someone is actually paying for me to go back to Central Asia, specifically Kyrgyzstan - and that achieved, I'm not entirely sure what else I want from work. Mountains! Yurts! Kumis! Felt carpets! Plov! Oh, and I have to give some presentations or something, but I'm sure I can muddle through that.

I also lucked out on my timing with visits home and managed to obtain a Chinese visa (a bugger to get outside your country of citizenship, these days, unless you do it in Hong Kong), so I will finally, finally get to see Kashgar. You hear that almost all of the old town these days has been destroyed, and the Sunday bazaar become a complete tourist trap, but some places you just have to go. In the absence of any knowledge of Mandarin at all, I am pinning all of my hopes on the fact that I bought a train ticket in Uzbek once and Uzbek is sort of maybe a bit mutually intelligible with Uighur if you squint. I have no idea. I'll figure it out. I miss travelling, I miss being on a journey, and it's hard to get that sensation back in only two weeks, but I love Kyrgyzstan so much, love the mountains and the smell and the immensity of the landscape, and Xinjiang sounds like it's going to be a proper challenge. I am so happy and excited to be going back.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying Pi Approximation Day! "Good enough, just not transcendental" has been my life motto for a while and so far it hasn't let me down.


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