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- Watching my first ever Martha Stewart video! Things I learned from watching the criminal mastermind in action: (1) she gives bad advice that will damage your stuff, (2) in her case this is unimportant because she has hideous stuff. [/not a convert] P.S. the stuff on my walls is not only OBJECTIVELY more fabulous than Ms Stewart’s stuff, it’s also worth more $$. P.P.S. plz not to burgle my stuff kthnxbi.

- Reading, books 2015, 47.

39. Serious Concerns, by Wendy Cope. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-read this, but I’m still discovering new delights and addition to recalling old friends. This time I was struck by a phrase from a parody: "the clock has lost its knitting". (4/5)

42. Bandette, vol.1, Presto!, by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, is a generally upbeat adult comic about a teenage girl who earns her living as a thief and crime boss of a gang of teens including a pizza delivery boy and three ballerinas, like Mystery Solving Teens but in reverse, i.e. mostly causing rather than solving crime although Bandette has been known to help the police when ordinary people are endangered by her fellow criminals. The tone is lighthearted adventure, although the creators have deliberately made a comic rated 15+ for (comedic) violence, mild sexual content, mild swearing, and one chain-smoking detective. A second volume is due for publication in 2015. (4/5)

43. Fair Play, by Tove Jansson, 1989, published when she was in her mid-70s, and translated by Thomas Teal, 2007. I wanted to like this because LESBIANS, and moreover ELDERLY FINNISH LESBIANS (lesbianism was a criminal offence in Finland until 1971, when Jansson was in her mid-50s), but the style is even more minimalist than Jansson’s novel The Summer Book (which I love) and the vignettes in Fair Play mostly failed to engage me. Of course, I don’t know how much of that is Jansson’s original Swedish and how much is the Teal translation (which had one sore-thumb word, and one unequivocal USian word-choice of "turtle" instead of "tortoise"). Although Fair play includes several mini discussions of the creative process and specifically about what an artist can cut out while leaving a coherent work so I'm guessing the minimalism is deliberately pushing the boundaries of what Jansson, at a time of life when she had much experience and perhaps less patience, believed was possible. My favourite chapter was Fireworks, which is about the sort of everyday love that manifests in small acts of maintenance. (2/5, I recommend reading The Summer Book instead)

On returning home, after an argument: "They came back to the island from a totally new direction, and it didn’t look the same."

On answering fan letters: “Now, once and for all, try to write down the meaning of life and then take a photocopy so you can use it again next time.”

- So, what are you doing, thinking, wondering about, reading, watching, making, or writing, that you don't usually post about?
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First day back at the office: 8.5 hours. Notable only because the same workload in a week or so would probably take at least an hour less to clear the proofreading phase (maybe even two hours less?) because in a week or so we won't be getting back up to speed.

But it was fun touching base with my co-worders, and all of my work accounts were up and running with no hassle, and I made a reasonably good start at stocking my desk with supplies (by which I mean food). And for bonus points, because my parents were going downtown around the same time, and because there was chilly rain and I was transporting a fair bit of stuff, they swung by and gave me a lift to the office so I didn't have to contend with transit. Hooray!

I've caught up on some comments, but not all, and since usually I get up around 9:30-10:30 but tomorrow have to be at work by 9, I'm abandoning my catch-up efforts for tonight in a vague attempt at adulting.

Memo to self: over the weekend, I need to get around to asking [livejournal.com profile] little_details for help figuring out some mermaidy stuff. Which I note here because, hey, maybe someone on my list has a reasonably educated idea of the answer to my question!

So just in case: would a mer need to keep their tail/gills wet and/or need to spend a certain amount of time submerged, presuming that they're perfectly comfortable breathing air for prolonged periods? Which I think really means "does a fish need to stay wet for reasons other than breathing?" (A fairly simple question, but while I'm reasonably good at some types of online searches, this isn't the type of research I have much luck with. >.<)

Right. Bed. Good night, all. Happy Friday tomorrow!

Club Vivid?

Mar. 26th, 2015 09:00 pm
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So, yes, I'm still hiding from fandom at the moment. (I'll eventually make that RL update post. I promise. Just... not now.)

Despite that, I really want to make a vid for Club Vivid this year. It's going to be my tenth year attending the con, and I'm determined to have more than one premiering vid this year.

I already know what I'm doing for Premieres, but I have no idea whatsoever when it comes to CVV. If anyone has any idea whatsoever for a CVV-appropriate vid that they'd love to see made but won't be making yourself, please feel free to throw it at me? My muse isn't cooperating at all, unfortunately, so I could use all the help I can get. I'm more than willing to throw credit/blame in your direction (for example: You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate exists entirely because of [personal profile] pocketmouse and the entire reason The War Was in Color came into existence is because of [livejournal.com profile] boosette).
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Today we're excited to welcome [tumblr.com profile] justira back to to Lady Business to talk about Mockingjay Part 1. Ira is an awesome illustrator, writer, and web developer who gained their powers by consuming the bones of their enemies. They make art, comics, and writing when they are not distracted by way too many video games. You can find more of Ira's work at their tumblr.

Mockingjay's recent release to DVD has reignited my ambivalence towards the movie— don't get me wrong, it's great having another female-led spec fic film, especially one with Natalie Dormer running support. But the film suffered a critical lack; the ghost of the movie it could have been hovered over the film for me: the film lacked confidence. The story — the book — is, at its core, part social commentary and part inspection of PTSD. But the film adaptation lacked the boldness to pull a full genre shift, or make up for Collins's shortcomings as a writer. Spoilers for the books and movies up through Mockingjay Part 1 and its equivalent part of the book follow.

What the movie should have done was listen to its own message more. It should have listened to Haymitch.

Haymitch explains how to use Katniss effectively.

Haymitch criticized Plutarch's effort at making Mockingjay propos: they were falling flat and felt artificial. What they needed to do — what the movie needed to do — was get inside Katniss's head, inspect the authentic intersection of her internal world and the world around her. Katniss's commodification had to be contingent upon her authenticity in order to function as intended. That's when the propos were the most genuine and effective. That's when the movie shone. Read more... )

I hate my brain

Mar. 26th, 2015 02:41 pm
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That awkward moment when you accidentally convince yourself to ship Harry/Ginny/Draco...


Doctor Who anniversary aka Australia

Mar. 26th, 2015 06:12 pm
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Today is the 10th anniversary of New Who. Or for me, it tells me it was ten years ago that I went to Australia (where did the time go?). The fact that there's been no way I could get on a plane for the past six years that makes it more poignant.

I left on Maundy Thursday and arrived early on Easter Saturday, after travelling for about 24 hours. I spent Saturday trying to stay awake, playing with my aunt's dog and marvelling at how quiet the city centre was on a Saturday (Adelaide is a small city). So I was asleep (just about - the unfamiliar dawn chorus was hard to sleep through) on Sunday morning when Doctor Who was on, on the other side of the world. When I spoke to my parents in the evening they told me it was funny and they'd keep watching.

I was in Australia for three weeks, so I had four episodes to watch by the time I got home.

I want to go back one day, but I get travel sick on planes at the best of times, so I don't know. However, some investigation of the Eurostar website tells me that I can get to most of Western Europe in the same time I can get to Scotland by train. From here, Paris and Brussels are only about three hours away, and Munich (where I have two friends living) involves changing twice (not including London) and only takes about seven hours. Which ok, is a long time to be travelling, but if you have to change trains, you might as well stop off.

The Eurostar website gives you train times to France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. They included non-Eurostar trains, so even from there you could change and go somewhere else. Plus being able to get on a train and get off in another country is a novelty when you live on an island.

My passport runs out this year, having not been used for nearly six and a half years. But it turns out there are reasons to renew it.

Mirrored from my blog.

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This will be a very brief edition since I only finished one book this week. I had another on the go, but it's not my cup of tea and I'm trying not to force myself to continue reading things I know I'm not enjoying.

What I'm reading:

Hooked, A Thriller by Ruth Harris. Don't bother. I'm going to finish it if only because I can't believe the stupidity of the characters. There is no one written with enough personality to relate to or appreciate. I'm not even sure why I'm planning on finishing this except it is so short I should finish it today. It's all tell, tell, tell with no more depth than the characters do what they do for prestige or money or because it's expected. It's not good.

What I read:
Rite of Passage by Alexi Panshin I read this one decades ago and I've always meant to read it again and now I have. It was a fun read, lively and quick. It's a combination of SF tropes, a coming of age story, an after-the-end-of-Earth story, a survival story, and a tech versus science story. It was pretty progressive for a sixties SF tale, the main character is a young girl. I liked Mia Havero, she is smart and observant and critical. There are a few sections of speechifying IMO, and a few more where I got bumped out the story momentarily, but by and large the tale spins out evenly and I really enjoyed reading it again.

What I'll read next:
More SF I think. Definitely more SF.

What I'm watching:

I'm still forming thoughts about it, but Battle Creek. Yes. A buddy cop show about two men - one, Russ Agnew, is a cop, the other, Milt Chamberlain, an FBI agent - who don't like each other. (The twist is they may never like each other.) As I said to [personal profile] china_shop, it's like a bent version of Due South, and she pointed out it would be one from Ray Vecchio's point of view. Which, yes. It is if Ray was older, way more cynical and kind of beaten down, and Fraser was younger, a bit less pretty, and a shade more obvious about masking his true self.

With that in mind it should be no surprise that David Shore is credited as a creator and writer. He's had his hand in many TV pies from Traders to Due South to House not to mention others I've not seen. I'm interested in where the show will go and how long it will take Russ and Milt to work together as a team, or if they ever do. In the meantime I'm enjoying them being paired up working individually and antagonistically toward a mutual goal.

I'm already enjoying the secondary characters. Janet McTeer's Commander Guziewicz is wonderful, and Kal Penn's Detective White has my attention whenever he is on screen. Meredith Eaton gives her usual zesty performance as the local coroner.

I didn't expect to like the show, even I with my near unconditional love for the buddy cop format. I really didn't have strong feelings about the show. But it grew on me and now I'm happy when I sit down to watch an epiosde.

what a surprise

Mar. 26th, 2015 11:53 am
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my computer shipped

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!

Mar. 26th, 2015 10:36 am
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Ten years ago today, my dad and I sat down in front of the telly box with our hearts pounding and our palms sweating, waiting for something.

(I think Mum and my sister were probably there, because it was Easter Saturday, but Dad and I are the hard core Who fans and I have no clear memory of how Mum and sis felt at that point. Probably bemused by us.)

We were nervous. Ever so slightly terrified. Still half in disbelief that it was really happening. We'd been fooled so many times before with rumours of returns, with the movie that never went anywhere. Ever since we'd seen the announcement, we'd half expected it to get torn away from us while someone laughed hysterically at the idea that we'd actually trusted it would happen.

And lurking constantly was that other worry: what if it...wasn't good? What if our love for Doctor Who was tarnished by a terrible reboot? What if we had one awful series and it died forever, never to be brought back again?

Dad has been watching since the first episode. I've been watching since I was old enough to hold my head towards a TV. We're those fans, the ones who have consumed as much Doctor Who as possible and can spend hours debating Gallifreyan history and arguing over who is the best companion (Donna and Ace jointly, obvs, all other opinions are Wrong no matter what my dad says).

So that day was a huge one for us. We waited for Graham Norton's programme to end. We held our breaths. We exchanged nervous glances as the scene in Hendricks opened.

And then the Doctor said "Run!" and we let out a relieved sigh. The opening theme played and it was orchestral instead of electronic, but we loved it anyway. We watched until the final "boom" at the end of the closing credits played and we immediately discussed it all over supper.

(Mum learned very fast that supper had to be timed around Doctor Who. It was okay, she turned into almost as much of a fan as us.)

I wrote my first squeeing review and crossed my fingers that the ratings would be good.

Season one went on. Christopher Eccleston's departure was announced, immediately followed by David Tennat's appointment. Dad and I squeed because this meant season two was going to happen. A Dalek made us cry. A little boy asking for his mummy made us jump out of ours skins. A young woman saying goodbye to the father who had died when she was a baby made us cry again. An episode that seemed to be simply a parody about reality TV turned into something much bigger and darker with a massive Dalek fleet and a speech by the Doctor that made my heart pound.

The final episode of season one aired on June 18th. That's my dad's birthday. During the week before, my mum called me to ask whether 6.30pm would be okay to book a table at our favourite restaurant for his birthday.

"Um, can you make it 7.30pm? It's the last Doctor Who," I said.

A sigh down the phoneline. "That's exactly what your father said when I asked him earlier."

The table was booked for 7.30pm.

The whole family sat down to watch "The Parting of Ways". Dad and I had practised extreme spoiler avoidance all week. We knew nothing. Not one thing. We hadn't watched the trailers. We'd turned off the radio if they mentioned Doctor Who. I stayed away from every community and mailing list. It was a little easier in 2005, with social media not such a huge part of our lives, but it still wasn't easy. We knew that, at some stage in the future, the Doctor would regenerate, but we'd assumed it was going to happen in the Christmas special (a Christmas special!!) or maybe at the beginning of the next series.

We watched the Doctor rescue Rose. We watched Captain Jack heroically lead the resistance, kissing the Doctor and Rose on the lips (to my utter delight - m/m kiss on my telly box!) as he left. We watched Rose absorb the time vortex and scatter Bad Wolf.

And then...

"Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I."

It happened. The regeneration. We got a glimpse of Ten and then the credits closed, and all four of us (Dad, Mum, sis home for the birthday, me) stared at the screen in open-mouthed shock for a good two minutes at least.

Of course, then we had to hurry to walk down the road to the restaurant for that important table booking. But all the way there, we talked about the episode. About the season. About that regeneration. Even my sister, who had never been a Doctor Who fan before but today owns all the box-sets and makes sure she's watched every new episode before the weekly family Skype. We couldn't stop talking about it.

If you'd told me then that ten years later, I'd still have Doctor Who on my telly box and we'd be on Doctor number twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen, depending on how you number them), I probably wouldn't have believed you. I would have wanted to believe, but it would have seemed too incredible.

But here we are, ten years later, and Doctor Who is still going. We've got Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman filming as I type, getting ready for a new series that will probably start some time in August.

I'm one of those Doctor Who fans who will never stop watching, no matter what happens. So are the rest of my family. We may dislike some episodes (Dad's rant after the space dragon episode last year was amazing) but we're still here, flying away with the Doctor in the TARDIS. It's a show that keeps evolving and changing, so if we're not entirely happy right now, we know that we just have to wait a year or two and something new will happen that we might like better. The important thing is that we have it. We have the Doctor in our lives and on our screens again.

So, Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! My wonderful show that has just turned fifty and now gets to turn ten, which seems completely appropriate for a show about a Time Lord. May you have many, many, many more confusing birthdays.

a mixed bag

Mar. 26th, 2015 08:28 am
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I had Carden put to sleep on Tuesday. It was rough but it was time. I'm doing okay; the hardest thing is how QUIET the house is. I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten used to keeping one ear out for her walking around or snoring or just breathing.

Racetrack is enjoying being an only child again. Cats, man.

I kind of feel like that should be its own post, but I kind of... really don't want it to be, so here are some other, happier things:

1. Video of Pete Wentz feeling powerful in a blonde wig (he was accepting an award for Sia). Between this and his series of photos of his pink hair with captions all variations on how he feels like a "blossum," his whole everything lately is like... if this was a fic, it would be building up to some kind of coming out moment, maybe as genderqueer or something, but this is not a fic, it's just Pete being Pete, and it's a delight.

2. This Instagram happening. Victoria/Kristin/Meagan femslash plz.

3. Okay, let me summarize some of my Instagram observations (they come off really creepy all in one place, sorry):
- Kristin's sister Janelle is good friends with Meagan
- Kristin is also good friends with Crystal Leigh (as is Meagan); Crystal is Spencer Peterson's (formerly of Black Cards) girlfriend.
- Kristin, Mikey, Crystal, Spencer, and Janelle are all planning a vacation to Mexico together. (It is totally normal to bring your sibling on your couples getaway. right? right.)
- Kristin recently followed Pete and Meagan on Insta; Meagan followed her back. I'm pretty sure that means Kristin-Mikey-Pete-Meagan are all hanging out already, which is A DELIGHT, though I suppose it could just be that Janelle got Kristin and Meagan chatting. BUT I WANT TO BELIEVE IN FOUR-WAY HANGS WITH PARTNER SWAPPING.

4. Also last night Meagan chewed out an Instagram commenter who called her anorexic, saying that as a breastfeeding mother she eats many calories a day, NOT THAT IT'S ANYONE'S BUSINESS. Aw, hon. On the one hand, good for you for standing up for yourself; on the other, never engage. Never ever engage.

5. On a completely unrelated note, I was reading what I thought was a cogent and insightful analysis of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction (sorry, Directioner bbs :(), until in the middle of a paragraph the person said "I also know 100% that Zayn and Liam are in a committed romantic relationship with each other." Can't they, like, signal the tinhat with a flag or something, so I don't get that far into a post before getting blindsided? Man.

(no subject)

Mar. 24th, 2015 03:04 pm
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OH ACTUALLY, there was a Thing 4:

4. As part of the BFI Flare Festival, the BFI and the British Council have made five short films available online, which can be accessed from over 70 countries. This will be a chance for audiences everywhere to have a taster of LGBT cinema, even if their countries might not ordinarily permit this sort of content (hopefully). More information can be found online here, and the films themselves can be found here. The campaign is called Five Films 4 Freedom, and the hashtag is unsurprisingly #5films4freedom. Promote the hell out of it, peeps!

(no subject)

Mar. 24th, 2015 01:32 pm
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1. For the last month or so I have been visiting [personal profile] ruric's personal trainer P (known in these parts as PPTP). At this stage, having moved up to 3 hour-long sessions a week, I guess I can claim him as my personal trainer too. He is awesome, let me tell you, and I totally understand [personal profile] ruric's proselytising and her need to document the sessions because they are both intense and never repetitious. I am beginning to develop actual muscle, people. I may eventually have the kind of body I've always wanted a go on, but it will not be soon. There are, however, indications that it may come given the amount of progress I've made in just a month.

2. [personal profile] ruric and I have foolishly signed up to see 22 films this year at the BFI Flare Festival, formerly known as the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. As of this evening, we will be half-way through - 11 screenings since Friday, 11 more to go by Sunday. This has been made manageable and achievable by some truly epic planning and a very detailed spreadsheet, of which I am very proud.

So far the highlights for me have been Alive! (a documentary that was so well put together that it felt like a scripted drama), and Appropriate Behaviour (which I wish EVERYONE to see, because it's fucking awesome). Portrait of a Serial Monogamist was also very good, and made a nice counterpoint to Appropriate Behaviour, though I do wish that so much emphasis hadn't been placed - as [personal profile] rozk said, I think - on the main character Learning a Lesson.

[personal profile] ruric has some write-ups about the other films we've seen, so I shan't say much more except that I have developed a crush on Tab Hunter following the documentary Tab Hunter: Confidential. On reflection I think I would've liked a more challenging and well-rounded examination of his life than such a coy paean, delivered by people who universally adored him; I think I would've liked the interviewer to press him to give his actual opinion on Hollywood, the closet, politics, gay rights, his relationships and so on. As it was, it felt a little like an obituary for someone who wasn't yet dead, in which all the difficult and interesting bits got light references before being brushed aside to concentrate on polishing up a legend for posterity. Where were the feelings, man? Don't just tell us what happened, tell us what you felt about it! Except I still liked it anyway, despite wondering if this was more about securing his Estate's claim to his life story before he died. After all, this is probably going to be one of the main sources for any adaptation that comes next.

Next up: The New Girlfriend, which still has tickets available if any of you London-based people wanted to come.

3. ION, my contract has been renewed until January next year, so I will remain gainfully employed at least until then. That's good news.

4. There is never a Thing 4.

Ah, the timing

Mar. 25th, 2015 10:40 pm
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My hair is red again! Red, red, red. *^^* Not cut, but maybe I can manage to get that done sometime in the next week or two. The color matters more to me anyway, much as I'm tired of putting my hair up.

As for the actual post topic: it took a day or two for this to sink in, but the X-Files announcement coinciding with my going back to Casual Job (and thus having my free time vanish for the next two or three months) is a little funny, because only a couple of weeks ago [personal profile] wildpear said something to me about possibly feeling up to trying The X-Files again.

See, [personal profile] wildpear and I (and two or three guys, depending on the time frame; my brother crashed with us for the last half of the lease) were roommates back when the show was still airing, but in its, uh...horribly bad less-than-stellar final year or so. I was grimly sticking it out as long as Gillian Anderson was still on board, but I was on my own. [personal profile] scruloose and [personal profile] wildpear were the two other occupants of the flat who were most amenable to watching things with me, but [personal profile] scruloose stopped being willing to subject himself to the increasing awfulness of the show at some point, reducing our "pizza and The Simpsons [and whatever aired at 9:30] and The X-Files Sunday nights" to just "let's get pizza and see if we feel like watching anything before The X-Files comes on and [personal profile] scruloose flees".

And [personal profile] wildpear and I, at the time, didn't have much overlap in terms of geeky interests, although she was willing to let me show her things and rec books to her. But her tolerance levels for eerie/creepy/ICKY things was rather a lot lower then, and those were what The X-Files still had in spades, so her experience with the show was, and is still, limited to the handful of episodes she managed to sit through with me...all of which were TERRIBLE, and a couple of which haunt us to this day.

(The one I think she tends to mention is whatever episode had the...legless Indian man dragging himself around on a creaking, squeaking cart by his arms. That is ALL I REMEMBER, other than the sheer awfulness, but I can still hear the rusty, shrieking SKWARK sound of it. *pokes the internet* Okay, disturbingly enough--if unsurprisingly--the search terms "x-files old man drag cart indian" led me straight to ep. 8x10, "Badlaa", summarized as "As Doggett tries to keep an open mind, he and Scully piece together evidence of a murdering Indian mystic who hides in the stomachs of his victims." I may cry. NO, SHOW. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA ON EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL.)

ANYWAY. The important thing here is that [personal profile] wildpear's experience with the show is bad, but she's had previous good experiences with letting me show her things that she'd had a strong negative impression of (for years, the only episode of Buffy she'd ever seen was the one with the swim team from the first or second season), and her tolerance for gross/scary stuff is higher now, and she certainly knows I swear by skipping most of The X-Files season 1 and then watching season 2 through to the first movie and pretending the rest of it never, ever, ever happened. And she's now maybe willing to try it, and the announcement of the new episodes is the obvious time to have a rewatch (I'll quietly pretend her schedule would allow for binge-watching, much as it wouldn't), and the two of us are even between shows (in terms of watching one together when we hang out), but...work.

Maybe in July?

(no subject)

Mar. 25th, 2015 09:08 pm
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 A lifehack for when you have over-optimistically turned off the heat for the season and had an unexpectedly cold day, and are now wearing two sweaters and a pair of gloves indoors:

Run the hottest bath your plumbing can produce. Let stand, with the bathroom door open, til it has cooled off enough to actually bathe in.

Take hot bath.

Leave stlll-hot water in the tub, bathroom door open. Allow water to cool entirely before draining. Bemoan your 80-year-old house's reliance on heating oil, again.
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around chapter 3slash4 i suffered my major enigmatic blake writer's block. most of the reason for this was that i kept putting avon into scenes where he would say 'TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON' and blake would tell him... and then i'd have to delete thousands of words, because although it had felt right and dynamic and exciting as i was writing... i need blake to keep lying for the plot. bran foster was the worst though. i wanted to introduce him a lot earlier - but as soon as he showed up he either made it so obvious what was going on or prompted avon to ask blake what was going on... so again, i wrote loads and deleted loads.

the other way that i treated the fact that i couldn't write the restaurant/late night interruptions scenes was to go back and write in the whole 'avon sabotages the teleport' subplot, which used not to be there - but now seems incredibly vital. but yes - in early drafts, it goes straight from lunch to avon being woken in the middle of the night/walking in on bran foster drinking blake's coffee.

i didn't preserve these deleted scenes in a sensible way, but fortunately i was sending drafts to [livejournal.com profile] elviaprose as i went along, so i can find them all. i've also got the plot summary that i wrote for chapters 3 onwards. you'll see it went mostly the same although i added quite a few bits and excised probably the best scene in the fic i.e. avon talking to his mother.

plot summary and deleted scenes )

(no subject)

Mar. 26th, 2015 12:04 am
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So this week has somewhat unexpectedly turned into the week from Everything Due At Once Hell. Reading Wednesday is thus pushed back until further notice.

Normal operations will resume shortly.

Various things

Mar. 25th, 2015 09:47 pm
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I am feeling better, if not actually completely better. I can smell things, though, which is a start. If only I could breathe that would be even better.

After worrying about how little I'd written, how close deadlines were getting, and how I had no idea what I was going to write, on Monday I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]dw-guestfest fic! I have two and a half weeks to actually finish it off now.

While researching for it, I watched a clip from the 50th anniversary episode, where Kate has the TARDIS helicoptered into Trafalgar Square. The Doctor's comment of "Would it have killed you to knock?" sounded a lot like something someone in Press Gang would say (although I think that was more a recurring theme of "Would it have killed you to be more specific").

I have re-watched the whole of Ugly Betty in about a month. It has been a month of being tired, recovering, and then getting a cold, so I've had lots of time and no brain. It was a very good thing to watch with no brain. I was slightly worried about the last episode because I remembered them ruining it by getting Daniel and Betty together. But then I watched it last night and that didn't happen. So I am glad.

I kept recognising actors and looking them up to discover I recognised them from Ugly Betty. But Kelly's mother from Make it or Break it was in one episode, and Eli from Stargate Universe was in another. I don't remember whether I recognised him from Ugly Betty when I saw Stargate Universe.

Thanks to Stargazing Live I have spent a few minutes in my back garden on clear nights looking up at the sky. I have an app which shows you what you can see in the sky, although it keeps re-setting itself and I have to tell it that actually I am looking South. Annoyingly, it only seems to put the constellation lines in for some of the constellations, but I am working on recognising more than just Orion and the Plough. And justifying to myself that I want some more powerful binoculars than the cheap ones I have, so I can see things in a bit more detail.

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Dear Photobucket: I know my browser is outdated, but seriously, that shouldn't even be an issue because HOW THE HELL DO YOU EVEN BREAK THE FUNCTIONALITY OF <IMG SRC="">.

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