Important Agents of Shield question

Oct. 1st, 2014 11:31 am
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Also, holy crap, it's October! How'd that happen?
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*Ultimate Spider-Man: Hobgoblin
Queen of Nowhere - Jaine Fenn
*Mighty Avengers: No Single Hero
Dark Goddess - Sarwat Chadda
*Sparrow Hill Road - Seanan McGuire
Doctor Who: The Shadow of Weng-Chiang - David A. McIntee
The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire
Doctor Who: The Deadstone Memorial - Trevor Baxendale
The Outskirter's Secret - Rosemary Kirstein
*Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China - Jung Chang
*Secrets and Sapphires - Leila Rasheed
*All-New X-Factor: Not Brand X
*New Mutants: Return of Legion
Lazarus: Family

Didn't finish (content notes: discussion of the first two things covers (mostly non-sexual) consent issues and, in the second one, incest):

Secret Avengers: Reverie, The Enchantment Emporium, The Copper Promise )

Anyway, some things I did finish:

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Wednesday books

Oct. 1st, 2014 09:25 am
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What are you currently reading?

The Maze Runner, because the film looks interesting and I prefer to read the book first.

What did you recently finish?

Indexing by Seanan McGuire, which I loved. Twisted fairy tales are wonderful. And The Yard by Alex Grecian, which was a fun Victorian mystery.

What do you think you'll read next?

I should probably read The Library Diaries before it has to go back to the library. I've also got some comics to catch up on, so I might try to mainline some Saga over the weekend.

In which there are soul and souls

Oct. 1st, 2014 12:24 pm
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- Watching, art: Crucible 2 sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. The last photos. Jubilee IV, by Lynn Chadwick.

1 Crucible, Jubilee IV, by Lynn Chadwick, Gloucester Cathedral 09-14

Listening to rare soul: because the Northern Soul playlist went down so well, here are four five more top tunes.

Long After Tonight is All Over, by Irma Thomas, 1964, youtube 2min. Long live Irma Thomas, Burt Bacharach and Hal David! P.S. Irma Thomas’ 1964 version of Time Is On My Side, youtube 2min, is notably better than the Rolling Stones imo.

Ain’t Nothing But a House Party, by the Show Stoppers, 1968, youtube 2min, because it’s "house" music 1960s style. \o/

Because of You, by Jackie Wilson, 1973, youtube 3min because Jackie Wilson, obv.

Agent Double-O Soul, by Edwin Starr, 1965, youtube 2min, because soul doesn’t take itself too srsly and the accompanying vid is incidentally probably the best Captain Scarlet fan vid I’ve seen. Go team Anderson!

- Watching, art: Crucible 2 sculpture exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral. Horizon II by Bruce Beasley, and Sitting Couple on a Bench by Lynn Chadwick.

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Jo, the firstborn, "The General" to her eleven sisters, is the only thing the Hamilton girls have in place of a mother. She is the one who taught them how to dance, the one who gives the signal each night, as they slip out of the confines of their father's townhouse to await the cabs that will take them to the speakeasy. Together they elude their distant and controlling father, until the day he decides to marry them all off.

The girls, meanwhile, continue to dance, from Salon Renaud to the Swan and, finally, the Kingfisher, the club they come to call home. They dance until one night when they are caught in a raid, separated, and Jo is thrust face-to-face with someone from her past: a bootlegger named Tom whom she hasn't seen in almost ten years. Suddenly Jo must weigh in the balance not only the demands of her father and eleven sisters, but those she must make of herself. (source)

Everyone kept telling me to read this, so hey friends: YOU WIN. You were all 100% correct, and I shouldn't have looked at you dubiously when I heard the words "fairy tale retelling". I apologize for doubting you, especially Ana, since you think I would've learned my lesson after Chime and The 10 PM Question specifically (I will never learn my lesson, probably). Read more... )
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OK, I'm gonna make this a meme; feel free to take it up if you want!

A ten day meme: each day, write a post about one of your favorite women, trans*, and/or genderqueer characters. A tribute, a defense, an epic meta, a bullet-points list of why you love them, whatever you like! Or post a rec for a vid, fic, meta, or other fanwork that illustrates why you love them.

Here will probably be mine:

Sarah Manning
Cordelia Chase
Tyra Colette
Aeryn Sun
Joan Watson
Joss Carter
Leslie Knope
Willow Rosenberg
Buffy Summers

(additional candidates: Poussey Washington, Hermione Granger, Siobhan Sadler, Dawn Summers)

(no subject)

Oct. 1st, 2014 05:23 am
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I decided to be more me and less "blog rules" and posted a proper ton-of-photos post on my blog. They're all from a walk around Crouch End in June, because yes, that is how behind I am (actually my behindness starts in April, for photos) and also I really do get a lot done in an hour. I keep saying that. My hourly rates are sooo fair for the amount I get done in an hour if I actually focus.

Focusing is terribly hard though.

I'm feeling a little better from my cold. I actually went to sleep right after I made my last post where I said I was just going to get up, because I was cold so I curled up under the duvet and just slept some more. Until 4 PM. And sweated a lot. Woke up feeling really, really gross. But I could breathe through my nose again, which was nice, and I made it into the shower, and when I came out I was faint and had to lie down but then I managed to go get the cash for rent and buy some healthy type food. Apparently when I'm sick all I want to eat is veggies and soup? And I can't make the soup I like, so... I went for the broccoli. Ate the chicken I had in the fridge too, because the expiry date was Sep 30 and I don't know anything about meat so I didn't want to risk it. (I often eat broccoli that's like, seven days past expiry date. My mom said it was fine, and it HAS been fine.)

Anyway, my headache even dissipated after taking another ibuprofen and having a proper meal. It still flares up sometimes, but at least it's not a constant pounding in my head. Now I'm at the stage of the cold where I keep coughing painfully. I like it a lot better than whatever yesterday was. I haven't even tried to sleep though. I changed into pjs and got in bed but... eh. This is probably going to come back to bite me. Either that or I'll accidentally go to sleep at 8 AM again, but I'm not feeling sleep at all today. Possibly because I basically spent 36 hours straight in bed. I'm going to need another ibuprofen though.

Ugh, I have to deal with email. And work and things. And make money. Ugh. Sometimes I wish I had a really boring job where I'd get a safe and sure monthly paycheck and I could just zone out for eight hours at a desk and then go home and do whatever I wanted. I'm trying to achieve this for myself, with my freelance/small business work, but I suck at time management, sticking to schedules, getting up in the morning, etc. I'm becoming more responsible though. It's taken me two years to get here but that lesson is finally starting to sink in to the part of my brain that regulates how I actually behave, rather than how I want to behave. What's it like having a brain that works with you instead of against you? Must be nice.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cough some more.


Oct. 1st, 2014 03:29 pm
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I like to change up my DW theme every so often, and on Monday I spent a couple of hours pouring through new ones before finally settling on the first theme I had when I signed up (but with new fonts and colors).

I also added some new icons so I'm back to 100! Now I just need to remember to renew my paid account in a few weeks so I don't lose 'em. (Note -- this is *not* a passive aggressive ask for paid time. I can afford it, so if you want to gift that to someone please give it to someone else!) Occasionally I consider just buying 75 icon spaces and giving up the paid account, since I mostly keep it for the extra icons, but, well, I like DW and want to support it.

I started the month intending to post daily. I did close to that for the first half, but the second half of September was more like 3-4 posts per week, which I feel fine with. I hope to keep up about that much.

In that vein, I'm thinking about starting (or finding) some sort of meme where I post about my favorite characters. Specifically women, but that's already covered under "favorite" (except maybe Gunn, Felix, and Giles, but I'd still need to get past my top ~10 to reach them probably). It started because I've been writing a Sarah Manning Is Awesome post in my head for the last week or so, and I'm basically always writing a Buffy Summers Is Awesome post in my head, so I'm thinking a meme will get them going. So, expect posts about them in the coming weeks. :D :D

Happy Birthday!

Sep. 30th, 2014 08:42 pm
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] tassosss!


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