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Yes to all your Sansa feelings. I didn't even realize that was only one scene, I was just like SANNNNNNNNNNNNSA the entire time, because of her GLORIOUSLY EFFECTIVE FACE.

I think, part of it is because she's got a male twin, she doesn't have to imagine how her life would be different if she were a man, Jaime is the living breathing embodiment of it.

COMPLETELY and what an awesome thought on the matter. Cersei even bookwise FACISNATES me and has been stepping up and up in my favorite characters range (Lena Headey helped with that for sure) and just the way she manages the misogynstic society they're all in is amazing and breathtaking and SAD all at once. I don't know how many times she's been RIGHT about stuff, but been put down because she's the little woman. I think maybe some of her hate of Tyrion stems from that too. I mean, after all, their father HATES Tyrion, but he gave him the power to rule the Kingdom over Cersei, because Tyrion has a penis and she doesn't.

It's just interesting. I could write odes and odes to my thoughts on Cersei.

Lena Headey's acting is top notch (not that I'm surprised) too, because her face after she hit Joff was just wow. It was like, what have I done, I cannot be the thing I hate most (Robert) this is my boy and also this moment of realization that he wasn't going to listen to her and she was still deferring to another man in her life.
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