Date: 2010-05-12 03:41 am (UTC)
faynia: (Katie McGrath)
From: [personal profile] faynia
Oh this fic is everything I like Arthur and Morgana being. EVERYTHING. I made high pitched dolphin noises through most of this going YES YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

“Probably, yes. On the bright side, Lot brought half his court with him and you humiliated him in front of them. I doubt my father could pay him to marry you now.”

Morgana laughed. “In that case I’ll hit the next suitor on the nose with a ladle.”

“Why did you throw wine at him, anyway?”

“He was talking about our wedding night. Honestly, Uther hadn’t even agreed to the marriage yet. He was talking about what he was going to do to me, in,” Morgana blushed, “great anatomical detail.”

“He said what? Right, I’m going to throw wine at him.”

“That’s very knightly, Arthur. You could introduce it at the next tournament. After the jousting, all your knights could come out and throw beverages at one another.”

LIKE THAT ENTIRE PART! Because it just would and this fic was 95% teenagers being ridiculous and just. Yes.

Morgana/Vivian = ♥ and double YES.
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