Mar. 14th, 2017

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Scotland was having a pretty decent Six Nations and we got all excited for the England fixture, which then... happened.

At half time my dog slid off the couch and puked her dinner all over the carpet; and, like, aw, pal, I know exactly how you feel. You know a game's going badly when you go: yup, I'm going to go clean up this dog vomit, because that sounds like more fun than continuing to subject myself to this match.

(The dog's fine, by the way. I just need to get her a slow feeder so she stops bolting her food. Not least because that's twice now I've had to sit up with her all night in case her dicky tummy turned out to be bloat and both she and my wallet had to be rushed to the vet hospital.)

Scotland's last match is against Italy in Edinburgh, and Italy's been having a shocker of a tournament so I feel a bit bad that the only way to salvage a bit of national sporting pride is to kick them when they're already down. On the other hand, I've already paid for my ticket, so get kicking, lads!


It looks like we're having a second independence referendum, about which I have, er, mixed feelings.

I was pro-independence last time, but in a sort of half-hearted, either result will be fine with me, type way. I was much more invested in, and upset by, the general election, Brexit, and Trump. I'm much more pro-independence now, admittedly not in a happy, optimistic way so much as my thinking is: Christ, let's just go already.

And that's the root of my ambivalence, because I don't think a second independence referendum can be won right now. I don't think Sturgeon wanted to call one, really. I think she wanted May to give her a teeny, tiny concession so that she could depart the field and call it a draw, but she backed herself into a corner, and so.

Don't get me wrong, I think the nationalists have a compelling narrative this time: Hard Brexit - Tories as far as the eye can see - The Maybot isn't likely to be handing out further devolved powers.

But I think the oil prices will always scupper them, because the counter-narrative 'Aye, and with what money?' seems pretty much unassailable.

One of my old school lefty mates, his stated reason for voting to remain in the UK last time was that with the loss of Not-England as a defining part of our national identity, Scottish politics would probably lurch to the right. And I think there's something in that; I've long suspected that the real reason UKIP never got a toehold north of the border wasn't so much the racism and xenophobia, alas, but that English nationalism doesn't play well up here.

On the other hand, freed of Corbyn drag and with the SNP no longer able to distract from their failings by going: ...but, England, Scottish Labour might wake up.

God, I don't know. But at least our own home grown brouhaha will distract me from what ever the fuck is going on across the Pond; there's only so much about Nixon a girl can read.


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