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Dragon Age: Inquisition? You can button mash the melee combat, and let the NPCs along for the ride handle everything else? The story wavers between interesting set piece missions and wandering around the various pretty maps finding things. And as a bonus, if you play a female character, there's a female diplomat and a fairly smart arsed lower class female elf archer to romance. It's been out a few years, so you should be able to get it second hand, though if you want the DLC you'll still have to buy that.

Among the newer games there's Assassin's Creed: Odyssey where you get to play a male or female avatar running around ancient Greece smiting things with a variety of melee weapons. Despite the name, sneaking is... very optional, though if you're not sneaky in the wrong places, you can get attacked by a lot of people. And whatever gender you play, there are a lot of people of either gender that you can fairly perfunctorily sleep with, should you so choose, but there are also queer people out in the world doing their own thing who you can interact with in other ways.
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