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So, Red Sister is a fantasy novel set in a world that is mostly covered by ice except for a thin corridor of land that's kept habitable by a satellite "moon" that reflects the sun's light. Except the satellite is failing; basically, the moon is falling down. Against this backdrop we visit Sweet Mercy convent where novice nuns are trained to be either red sisters (holy warriors) grey sisters (spies and assassins) or holy witches. Basically, it is a super violent girl's boarding school story, and I can't wait for it to be march and for the third book to be out.

The Governess Game is a regency romance where an aspiring astronomer and working class gal goes to the house of a duke's heir (btw, there are like eight dukes in the whole of the british peerage, and there are about nine hundred in regency romances) seeking a job keeping his time pieces right (pun not intended) only to end up as governess to his two precocious and weirdly violent wards.

I fall in an out of reading historical romances; they're often super fun, but if I read a lot of them at once then the heterosexuality gets to me. On the other hand, and as previously mentioned, f/f romances that don't totally suck balls are a rare thing indeed.
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