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I have been extremely remiss about reading the [ profile] rarewomen fics but I can wholeheartedly recommend In the Company of Monsters by [ profile] Gehayi (ASOIAF; Brienne of Tarth) which is 12k of Brienne and her stupid stubborn loyalty, and what it means to be a knight, and all kinds of good things.


I have been playing at Reverse Remix, which is a fun game where people tell you which fic of theirs they want you to remix. And I like it because it means I get to skip over the flaily too-many-choices part of remixing.

Wires Crossed (the better in person remix) (Doctor Who; Amy/Rory, River, Liz X; 272 words)
They put together a crack team for Operation Rescue the Doctor.

Sparring Partners (the break up to make up remix) (Merlin; Morgana/Forridel; 878 words)
Having a nice druid girlfriend mellows Morgana a bit. Not much, but a bit.


At the risk of sounding needy and pathetic, which it turns out I'm comfortable with,

My thread at the recent love meme.

Date: 2012-05-14 11:30 pm (UTC)
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The reverse remix is an awesome idea. I shall go try it out. Maybe writing comment fic will be a good break from my big bang.


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